Meets:  Biannually, on the 2nd Wednesday of March and September

Radiation Proposals:

Proposals must be submitted to Chris Helstern.  Radiation safety research application forms are available from the Radiation Safety Forms page.


The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) will ensure that radioactive material, licensed under the broadscope radioactive material license, and ionizing radiation producing equipment (i.e. x-ray equipment, fluoroscopes, accelerators, etc.) are used safely, and in compliance with State of Tennessee and federal regulations, broadscope license conditions, and certified registrations. The RSC must also; (1) review and approve or disapprove users and uses of licensed material; (2) review recommendations on ways to maintain individual and collective doses as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA); (3) review biannually, a summary of the occupational radiation dose records (ALARA report) of all personnel working with licensed material; (4) review biannually all incidents involving licensed materials with respect to cause and subsequent actions taken; and (5) review annually the radiation safety program.

RSC Members

Carmelo Rizzo  (Chair) Arts & Sciences
Bruce Carter Biochemistry
Masakazu Shiota Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Enxia Zhang School of Engineering; van de Graaff Accelerator & Irradiator Representative
Brian Wadzinski Pharmacology
Administrative & Ex Officio
Christopher Helstern Radiation Safety Officer
Karen Jackson Division of Animal Care
Ruth Nagareda University Compliance Officer
Lori Rolando Occupational Health Clinic
Kevin Warren VEHS Administration/Management Representative