Tow Vehicle Safety at VUMC

Powered Industrial Trucks

The safe use of Powered Industrial Trucks is regulated by OSHA under 29 CFR 1910.178 Powered Industrial Trucks.  Tow Vehicles are one example of a Powered Industrial Truck, and are included under this regulation.  The OSHA web site provides additional information about Tow Vehicle Safety on their Powered Industrial Truck Safety and Health Topics web page.

Policies & Procedures for the Safe Use of Tow Vehicles

VUMC policies and procedures for the safe use of Tow Vehicles are described in Motorized Equipment Transport.  This policy covers all tow vehicles, electric tugs and pallet jacks used at VUMC.  The policy requires all tow vehicle operators comply with the official VUMC Standards for Operation of Motorized Equipment., and for each tow vehicle, a VUMC Weekly Tow Vehicle Inspection Report must be completed.  These signed and dated reports remain on file within the responsible department for at least 3 years.  For information about where tow vehicles may and may not be used in VUH, please refer to Motorized Equipment Transport Use Locations.

Tow Vehicle Safety Training

All VUMC employees whose job requires operation of motorized equipment must be properly trained in safe maintenance and operation of this equipment prior to first use and annually.  Tow vehicle safety training is provided to VUMC staff by the Office of Clinical and Research Safety (OCRS) online; staff who do not have readily available access to computers will be provided with alternate training.  Please send Tow Vehicle Safety training requests to

After competition of the training, employees are provided with operator permits.  Tow Vehicle operators are required to wear their operator permits when operating electric tow vehicles.  These permits are valid for one year.  Operators must complete annual training in order receive a new permit each year.


If you have safety questions about tow vehicles, electric tugs, pallet jacks or other Powered Industrial trucks at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, please contact

If you have questions about Powered Industrial Truck safety at Vanderbilt University, please contact