Department & Unit Disaster Sub-Plan Templates

VUMC departments and units are required to develop and maintain area-specific emergency preparedness sub-plans. The purpose of the sub-plan is to outline an emergency communication plan and area specific emergency preparedness information for staff.

Sub-Plan Templates

The Microsoft Office WORD templates provided below can be used to facilitate your area's sub-plan development. Login required. Requires Login

Annual Review

The unit call tree/staff contact phone list must be updated annually. The entire unit sub-plan, consistent with other VUMC Policies and Procedures, is to be reviewed annually. These documents are to be maintained in a red binder in each unit and department. If a red binder is not available, use the red front cover with spine insert.


If you have any questions about how to develop and maintain your disaster sub-plan, please contact the VUMC Department of Emergency Preparedness, or call OCRS at 615-322-2057.