PAPR Annual Re-Training

See also: N-95 Respirator Program

VEHS provides retraining session for staff that have already been both medically cleared and initially trained with the Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR). Staff or faculty must bring the PAPR they wear with a fully charged battery, hood, air flow indicator, and monthly check sheet to be retrained. Individuals will not be trained outside of a scheduled appointment. Send appointment requests to .

Directions to A-0201 MCN:

  • If proceeding from the basement of VUH through the tunnel to MCN, pass the MCN post office on the right. The corridor walls will change from off-white to tan. When the walls are tan (in the B corridor), take the first corridor on the right (the S corridor). Proceed to the end of that corridor. Turn Left. A-0201 is the first door on the left.
  • If coming from outside the building where it faces 21st Avenue South, go up the flight of stairs to enter through the glass doors. When you enter through the glass doors you'll be on the 1st floor in an elevator lobby. Go down one floor to the basement. When you get off the elevator go to the right a short distance and then you will see the door to A-0201 on the left.
  • If coming from the outside through the main 2nd floor entrance to Medical Center North (the coffee shop on the 2nd floor), enter the building and go down the corridor from the entrance. Take a right turn at the first intersection. Follow this corridor down the length of the building. As you walk, you will need to go slightly to your left to continue going the same direction when you run into a cubicle wall. Additionally, you will need to go slightly right to continue this direction when the wall color changes after going through a set of double doors. When you reach the end of this long corridor, you will be in an elevator lobby. Go down to the basement level in the elevator. When you exit, turn right immediately and walk to the end of this room. Turn left and you will walk into A-0201.

Check Compliance Status Requires Login

Employees can log in to the Health & Wellness Information Portal to find out if they are due for their annual PAPR retraining. This page provides instructions on how an employee can check compliance.

References & Policies

Regulations, the VUMC Respiratory Protection Program & VUMC Policies:


Send questions about PAPRs to or contact someone in the Hospital/Clinic Safety section.