Laboratory Compliance Assistance Inspection Program

The OCRS Chemical Safety Section has implemented a Laboratory Compliance Assistance Inspection Program to help laboratories maintain compliance with the OSHA/TOSHA Lab Standard (including the Vanderbilt CHP) and the EPA/TDEC hazardous waste regulations.

The goal of this program is to help laboratories understand the regulatory requirements associated with using and disposing of chemicals, provide feedback to the laboratory and department on areas that are in compliance and areas that need improvement, and assist laboratories with correcting any deficiencies.

In this program, OCRS Lab Compliance Coordinators periodically and systematically visit labs and complete an inspection checklist. The inspection checklist is available here and can be used by labs to conduct their own inspections as part of their routine compliance maintenance. The Lab Compliance Coordinators interact with the Principal Investigator/Lab Manager during the inspection and explain any checklist items that are unclear and assist with developing corrective actions for any deficiencies observed. A written report of the inspection findings (including corrective actions, if applicable) is prepared and issued to the Principal Investigator/Lab Manager and the Department Chair.

Please contact your Lab Compliance Coordinator if you have questions about the Laboratory Compliance Assistance Inspection Program or if you would like to schedule a compliance assistance inspection for your laboratory.