Chemical Exposure Monitoring

Individuals who may be exposed to hazardous chemicals while working on the Vanderbilt campus should be kept informed of the nature of the hazards and instructed in methods to protect themselves. Each area where work involving hazardous chemicals is conducted should have a Chemical Hygiene Plan or policy that outlines chemicals in use and standard safe operating procedures. Sometimes when new processes are introduced involving the use of new hazardous chemicals, it may be necessary to contact OCRS to verify that existing buildings, protective equipment and engineering controls will maintain safe working conditions.

When this type of situation arises, OCRS provides worksite evaluations for chemical exposure. The worksite evaluation involves a series of steps which may include some or all of the following procedures, depending on the situation:

  • A visit to the work area and discussion with concerned employees.
  • Creation of a list of all chemicals in use and the procedures in which they are used.
  • Review of hazards associated with the chemicals on the list.
  • Evaluation of exposure mitigation processes such as the use of local exhaust ventilation or personal protective equipment.
  • Air sampling to determine actual exposure levels for comparison to established safe levels.

To request a chemical exposure evaluation for your location, contact the appropriate persons as described below: