Pi Beta Phi Physical and Occupational Therapy Student Page

Where To Go

On your first day, park in the "Greer Stadium, Vanderbilt Parking Lot" (Vanderbilt Lot 127), just pass the corner of 8th Avenue South and Chestnut Street.  In order to get directions, use this address:  625 Chestnut Street, Nashville, TN.

Board the shuttle bus and take that to campus.  You will get off the shuttle at the first stop, which is in a building called Medical Center North.  As you step off the bus, turn left and start heading up the sidewalk.  You will come to a street called Medical Center Drive.  Medical Center East is the large building to your left.  You can enter the building near the pedestrian crosswalk.  The elevators to the south tower are close to the center of the building.  Take the elevators to the 9th floor.  Due to COVID, the elevators will stop at the 2nd-floor screening station.  You will leave the elevators, turn to your left past the screening station and use the second bank of elevators to proceed to the 9th floor. Our office is suite 9211.  For extra help with directions, you can download the Vanderbilt Health Walkways app. 

Parking in the Greer Stadium Lot is free of charge and available to you throughout your rotation.  There is no on-campus parking available for students. 

If you opt not to take the shuttle, there is on-street parking in the neighborhood between Vanderbilt and Belmont where many of our clinicians' park.  Park at your own risk and observe all posted signs.  See the image below for possible street parking. Please allow additional time to reach our clinic as traffic is quite heavy around the Medical Center and Nashville in general. 

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What To Wear

  • The dress code is Professional Casual or black scrub pants with a plain shirt or a PT/OT t-shirt.
  • You will receive your VUMC ID badge on your first day.  Your name badge should be worn above the waist at all times. 
  • Closed-toe shoes with socks or stockings are required.  Neat tennis shoes are acceptable. 
  • No jeans or short skirts. 
  • No spaghetti straps (or sleeveless tops), tight, low-cut, or revealing clothing.  Be mindful that we are often leaning forward or demonstrating exercises for patients. 
  • Piercings should be ears only. 
  • Tattoos should be covered. 
  • No artificial nails or long nails. 


What To Bring

We have a full kitchen and several microwaves, so feel free to bring anything you like.  There are some other options for food that are close by:  a sandwich shop on the 8th floor, a cafeteria in the main hospital, a Deli in Oxford House, and a small cafe on the 2nd floor by the gift shop on campus. For a longer walk, there are many more food options available. 

There is a student area and lockers available to store personal items.  A lock will be provided for use during your clinical rotation. 

What To Expect

We are looking forward to working with you at Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute.  Once you complete the steps for onboarding, you should receive an email from VUMC with an invitation to claim your VUNet ID.  If you have not received this email after completing the onboarding process, contact Tonya at tonya.patten@vumc.org. Completing this step prior to your start day is essential to granting you access to our online system and electronic medical records.  Keep the user ID and password as you will need to use it on the first day.  It is very important that you remember the PASSWORD and have it on the first day!  For security reasons, you should never share your password. 

The following information will help get your clinical experience off to a great start:

  • If you have not already submitted the necessary forms and paperwork, please do so immediately as referenced on the Before You Arrive page.  
  • You will review and sign the Clinical Expectations Agreement on your first day.  We just wanted you to have it for review ahead of time.
  • Please upload a photo for your VUMC ID here.
  • Please sign our COVID agreement here.
  • Please review the EDGE taskforce outcome measures that are recommended for students (For PT students only).  Please read over and be familiar with all measures listed in the core set of neuro outcome measures. 
  • Our electronic medical record system is eStar.  You will attend a training class to instruct you in its use.  Your student coordinator will contact you with login information to begin training. 

You may begin your VUMC Learning Exchange safety, compliance, and eStar prerequisite modules if you wish, but you will be given time to complete this during your first week.  Please print of save copies of the certificates for your student file if you work on the modules prior to your first day. 


Student Objectives