Continuing Education Courses - Rehabilitation Services

Courses for 2022-2023

August 27-28, 2022:  Pelvic/SI Joint

September 17-18, 2022:  IAOM Elbow

November 12-13, 2022:  IAOM TOS

February 11-12, 2023:  IAOM Wrist I

September 16-17, 2023:  IAOM Hand

November 11-12, 2023:  IAOM Wrist II



    August 20th - August 22nd

    Integrative Dry Needling

    September 18th - September 19th

    Evaluation and Treatment for the Hip and Knee

    November 6th - November 7th

    Neuromobilization of the Upper Quadrant

  • February 29, 2020
    "Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Training"
    Owens Recovery Science, Inc.

    August 21-23, 2020
    "Dr Ma’s Integrative Dry Needling"
    Dr Ma’s Integrative Dry Needling Institute

    May 22-23, 2021
    "Athletes and Pelvic Rehabilitation"
    Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute)

    September 19-20
    "PNF in Orthopaedic Patients"
    Therapy Network Seminars

    November 7-8
    "A Systematic Approach to Examination, Diagnosis and Manual Therapy of TOS, CTJ" International Academy of Orthopaedic Medicine

  • April 5-7
    Differential Diagnostics of Chronic Pelvic Pain

    May 4-5
    Integrated Kinetic Neurology Approach course

    May 18-19
    Scrape, Tape and Move: "Foundation to Function"

    August 24-25
    When the Feet Hit the Ground ... Running

    September 14
    Rick Gawenda Seminars

    November 1-3
    I Survived, Now What? Treating the Musculoskeletal Consequences of Maturing with a Chronic Health Condition

    Mary Massery continuing education course for 2019. Learn more 

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    November 2-3
    A Systematic Approach to Examination, Diagnosis and Manual Therapy of the Elbow