Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapy Students

Where To Go

One Hundred Oaks/Outpatient Peds Rehabilitation Students

  • Arrive at Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks (719 Thompson Lane, Suite 21000, Nashville, TN 37204)
  • On your first day, park in the lot outside Entrance G on the end closest to Guitar Center. Enter the building through the Entrance G sliding glass doors.
  • Outpatient OT and PT students will come to the outpatient clinic on their first morning. Ask the front desk to notify Tamara O'Neal that you have arrived.

Acute Care OT and PT Students

  • Park in the West Garage at the 25th Avenue entrance on the corner of 25th and Children's Way. There are numbered spaces. 
  • Walk to Monroe Carell Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. (2200 Children's Way, Nashville, TN 37232)
  • On your first day, report to the therapy office located on the 11th floor of Doctors Office Tower. You will use the bank of elevators by the Butterfly Garden. When you get to the lobby on the 11th floor, go to the entry door to the LEFT (toward "Neighborhood A") and buzz in for entry. Take a left through the next set of double doors and the Pediatric Rehab office is straight ahead at the end of the hallway. 

Susan Gray School PT Students

  • Street parking is available within a short walk to the school. Street parking can be found on 19th Avenue and 17th Avenue. Arrive early, as spots tend to fill up by 7:00/7:15. After parking, walk south to Edgehill Drive and turn right. Continue walking 1-2 blocks (depending on your parking location) until you see Magnolia Circle on your left - the entrance across the street from the University School of Nashville. Susan Gray School is located on the bottom floor of the Kennedy Center (the first building on the right on Magnolia Circle). The address is 110 Magnolia Circle, Nashville, TN 37203
  • When you arrive, there is a buzzer/doorbell to ring. Let them know you are there for Paige Correia and Heather Winters. 

**PT Students:  If you have two clinical instructors, please check with them to determine your first-day location arrival point.**

What To Wear

  • In acute care and school settings, most of the staff wear scrubs or a combination of scrub bottoms and a solid color shirt that is not low cut in nature. Both are appropriate. Shirts can either be one solid color or can be a Vanderbilt-related shirt. No other logos are permitted, including school logos. Closed-toe, comfortable shoes are also required. 
  • In the outpatient setting, you can either wear scrubs or professional dress (ex: khakis). Denim, shorts, or Capri pants are not permitted.  Please make sure that your shirt is not low-cut in style and closed-toe. Comfortable shoes are required. 
  • Fake nails are not permitted in either setting due to infection control. 
  • It is also suggested that you wear long hair up to prevent pulling from little hands during evaluations/treatment sessions.

What To Bring

  • Clinical Education material from your school
  • Vehicle registration, driver's license, and a form of payment for parking passes
  • Money for lunch or snacks. A refrigerator and microwave are available if you chose to bring your lunch. 

What To Expect

On your first day, you will arrive at your assigned location at the time designated by your Clinical Instructor. Be on the lookout for your welcome letter with this information and more. You will meet with your Clinical Instructor to begin orienting to your assigned area and to discuss your VUMC clinical experience plans. You will be required to finish any computer training that was not completed prior to your start date. 

If you were not able to get your ID badge or parking permit prior to your first day, there might be time at the end of your first day to pick up these items.  Please work out a plan with your Clinical Instructor. A scheduled appointment is required for your ID Badge. You must have your badge prior to getting your parking permit.

Student Objectives

Pediatric Acute Care PT Student 12-Week Objectives

Pediatric Outpatient PT  Student 12-Week Objectives

Pediatric Outpatient OT Student 12-Week Objectives

Pediatric PTA Student 5-Week Objectives

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