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If you have questions about clinical rotations with Rehabilitation Services at Vanderbilt, feel free to reach out to the student coordinator listed below for your area of interest.  Our student coordinators are active providers, managing a full patient load in addition to committing time to our student learning experience.  

 Acute PT - Adult

Judy Booker

 Acute PT - Adult

 Ethan Farley

 Acute PTA - Adult

 Lisa Jones

 Acute OT - Adult

 Jim Lassiter

 Acute OT - Adult

Lynette O'Brien

 Acute OTA - Adult

 Elise Foust

 Bill Wilkerson

 Rebecca Jones

 Home Health - OT/COTA

 Julie Wood

 Home Health - PT/PTA

 Kailee Kell

 Home Health Peds PT/OT

 Sarah Fly

 Outpatient OT/PT - Adult

 Ashley Orth

 Pediatric PT

 Paige Correia

 Pediatric OT

 Danyelle Keny

 Pi Beta Phi PT

 Cathey Norton

 Pi Beta Phi OT

 Valery Hanks