Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences Presents the 10th Annual

Heller Lecture in Pediatric Imaging

"Diagnostic Errors in Pediatric Radiology: How and Why"


George A. Taylor, MD, FACR

George A. Taylor, MD, FACR

John A. Kirkpatrick Professor Emeritus of Radiology and Pediatrics
Radiologist-in-Chief Emeritus
Harvard Medical School
Boston Children's Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts



May 18, 2020 | Noon - 1 p.m.

MCN CCC-1111

Watch the Presentation Here


This grand rounds lecture is designed for faculty, residents, staff and medical students.

Learning objectives of this presentation include:

  • Understand the role of heuristics and biases in diagnostic error
  • Understand the different types of error (perceptual, cognitive and combined) at work in diagnostic imaging
  • Understand the situations that increase the risk of diagnostic error during daily practice


George A. Taylor, MD, FACR, grew up in Latin America, and speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently. He received both his Bachelors of Science and medical degrees from The George Washington University, and an honorary Master of Arts from Harvard University. Dr. Taylor completed residencies in Pediatrics and Radiology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and a fellowship in Pediatric Radiology at Boston Children's Hospital. He has won the Editor's Recognition Award With Distinction from the journal Radiology 12 times, and has been an Associate Editor for the journal Pediatric Radiology. In addition, George has received a number of awards including the John A. Kirkpatrick Award for teaching excellence, the Robert L. Lebowitz Award for mentoring at Children’s Hospital, the Jack Haller Award for Excellence in Education, and the Gold Medal from The Society for Pediatric Radiology. Dr. Taylor is a Past President of the Society for Pediatric Radiology and has published more than 250 original articles, reviews, and book chapters. His online lectures have been accessed over 95,000 times since their inception 36 months ago. Dr. Taylor’s current research interests include factors contributing to diagnostic errors in pediatric radiology, and clinical outcomes research in appendicitis and trauma in children. He is an avid photographer with a number of books and exhibits throughout the Boston area, including the Boston Museum of Science.