Shade Tree Clinic's Ultrasound Efforts Celebrated on VU School of Medicine Website

A new imaging program aimed at providing ultrasound imaging to underserved and uninsured individuals has launched, giving more opportunities for patient care and hands-on medical education.

The Shade Tree Clinic, Vanderbilt’s student-run clinic that provides free healthcare to patients in Nashville, opened their Diagnostic Ultrasound Clinic in early January. In a new article posted on Vanderbilt University's School of Medicine website, students explained how the clinic is stepping up to meet the needs of patients.

“We recognize that patients have many barriers to necessary imaging,” M4 and former Shade Tree Executive Director James Jordano said. “We can use our resources to provide care in a space patients are familiar with and trust. We also will host this clinic at the same time as Shade Tree Early Pregnancy Program, so we can provide much needed sonographic services to pregnant patients in the community.”

The clinic is a partnership between VUMC Radiology, the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, Clinical Informatics, and Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Students will be able to offer diagnostic imaging and sonographic services (under faculty supervision) to patients who face obstacles like lack of transportation, language barriers, and financial struggles. 

To read more about the new program and the work that goes on at the Shade Tree Clinic, visit the School of Medicine’s website.