Congratulations to the Inaugural Class of Vanderbilt-ACR Radiology Leadership Institute Scholars


The Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences is proud to share the inaugural class of Vanderbilt-ACR Radiology Leadership Institute Scholars: Shelby Frantz, MD, Colin McKnight, MD, Sumit Pruthi, MBBS, and Nicholas Voutsinas, MD, RPVI.

Scholars will visit the 2023 RLI Summit in Boston and participate in leadership programming corresponding to their respective pathway. We look forward to sharing the participants' newfound experience and knowledge via our departmental newsletter, our website, and social media.

Resident/Fellow Awardee: Shelby Frantz, MD

In addition to visiting the RLI Summit, Dr. Frantz will participate in the 2023RLI Leadership Essentials Program, which offers interactive education that equips residents and fellows with foundational leadership and non-interpretive skills needed to maximize early-career success. Dr. Frantz will also participate in the 2023 RLI Kickstart Your Career Workshop. Designed for residents and fellows, this event provides participants with a strong foundation of knowledge, skills and tips on how to most effectively enter the radiology workforce in a way that positions you for the greatest opportunity for success.

Early Career Awardee: Nicholas Voutsinas, MD, RPVI

In addition to visiting the RLI Summit, Dr. Voutsinas will participate in the 2024 Learning to Lead Bootcamp. The bootcamp provides participants with formal leadership training programs to gain knowledge, practice new skills, and discover how others have tackled similar challenges in the world of radiology.

Mid-Career Awardees: Sumit Pruthi, MBBS | Colin McKnight, MD

In addition to visiting the RLI Summit, Dr. Pruthi and Dr. McKnight will participate in the 2024 RLI Maximize Your Influence and Impact course, designed for mid-career physicians to provide an understanding what it takes to succeed as a leader in the hospital boardroom, gain critical skills in radiology operations, negotiations and finances and be seen as an effective radiology leader by other departments.