Jakob Dovgan, MD

Chief PGY-4, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

College: Creighton University

Medical School: Creighton University

Career Interest: Sports and Spine, TBI, Regenerative Medicine

Why VUMC: When I came here to interview, I was blown away by the people here. Everyone was so kind and answered all the questions I had. While talking with the current residents, it became clear that this was such a supportive and engaging place to train. The faculty and staff here make it not just a top tier place to train, but an incredible environment to grow into an excellent physician. Being at VUMC and in Nashville is very exciting!

Outside Interests and Hobbies: Skiing, biking, swimming, and fly fishing. I also enjoy all things trivia. I try to go to trivia nights whenever I can.