Current Residents

  • James Gardner, MD

    Chief PGY-4
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Taylorsville, UT

    Undergraduate University: Utah State University

    Medical School: University of Utah School of Medicine

    Career Plans: Brain Injury, Sports Medicine

    Why VUMC: Growing program, Trajectory to be best program in the nation, kind/supportive department and faculty, easygoing residents, tons to do in Nashville

    Outside Interests & Hobbies: Running, weightlifting, volleyball, wakeboarding/surfing, XC skiing, gardening/landscaping, cooking.

  • Samir Khan, DO

    Chief PGY-4
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Dallas, TX

    Undergrad: The University of Texas at Dallas

    Medical School: University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC)/ Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine (TCOM)

    Career Plans: Open-minded

    Why VUMC: I did an away rotation here as a medical student and absolutely loved it. Everyone here is supportive, personable, diverse, and smart. The training is superb and will set you up for success in any realm of PM&R. We work hard and play hard, and I left this was the best fit for me. Also, Nashville is a super cool city that can appeal to virtually anyone!

    Outside interests: soccer, hiking, kayaking, golf (novice)

  • Christian Roehmer, MD

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Mt. Pleasant, MI

    Undergraduate: Michigan State University

    Medical School: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

    Career plans: Interventional pain, musculoskeletal, and regenerative medicine

    Why did you choose VUMC: I chose Vanderbilt because it offers a well-rounded education, excellent research opportunities, outstanding faculty mentorship and a great location.

    Outside interests: Family, friends, athletics, and travel

  • Theodora Tran Swenson, MD

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Denver, Colorado

    Undergrad: Stanford University

    Medical school: University of Colorado

    Career plans: Sports or Spine

    Why VUMC: I wanted to be part of an interdisciplinary graduate campus, and I found VUMC's proximity to the business, law, and engineering schools very appealing. My husband is also a Nashville native, and he showed me that the Nashville community is made up of some of the kindest and smartest people around.

    Outside interests/hobbies: Lagree Pilates, yoga, tennis, photography, DIY and home improvement projects

  • Nicholas Abramson, MD

    PGY-3, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Sacramento, CA

    Undergraduate University: Washington University in St. Louis

    Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University

    Career Plans: Open-minded

    Why VUMC: Excellent training, supportive faculty, and a ton of research opportunities. Everyone here is incredibly passionate about their work and has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and here. Plus, Nashville is a fantastic place to live and work.

    Outside Interests/Hobbies: Hiking, fishing, cooking, and taking on far more DIY projects than I have time to finish.

  • Doug Bryant, MD

    PGY-3, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Princeton, NJ

    Undergraduate: University of Michigan

    Medical School: University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine

    Career Plans and Interests: Sports Medicine, Interventional Spine, Spinal Cord Injury, Adaptive Sports, Regenerative Medicine, Open

    Why VUMC:  The resident culture is close-knit and supportive.  All of the faculty at Vanderbilt are approachable, personable, and leaders in their respective fields.  Vanderbilt is a top tier academic center with incredible resources and learning opportunities for all residents.  Nashville is also a great city to live in with all of the food, music, culture, and outdoor activities in the surrounding area!

    Outside Interests and Hobbies:  Playing really any team sport, running, hiking, skiing, reading, watching college sports (Go Blue, Go Bulls, Go Dores!), exploring all the hot chicken and BBQ in Nashville, and cooking.

  • Jakob Dovgan, MD

    PGY-3, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Knoxville, TN

    College: Creighton University

    Medical School: Creighton University

    Career Interest: Sports and Spine, TBI, Regenerative Medicine

    Why VUMC: When I came here to interview, I was blown away by the people here. Everyone was so kind and answered all the questions I had. While talking with the current residents, it became clear that this was such a supportive and engaging place to train. The faculty and staff here make it not just a top tier place to train, but an incredible environment to grow into an excellent physician. Being at VUMC and in Nashville is very exciting!

    Outside Interests and Hobbies: Skiing, biking, swimming, and fly fishing. I also enjoy all things trivia and try to go to trivia nights when I can.

  • William Galbraith, DO

    PGY-3, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Calgary Alberta, Canada 

    Undergraduate: Southern Virginia University 

    Medical School: Western University of Health Science 

    Academic Awards/Honors: Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southern Virginia University, Marriott Scholar, Gold Humanism Honors Society, Pre-doctoral Teaching Fellow 

    Career plans: Regenerative Medicine, Interventional Spine and MSK

    Why VUMC: Coming to Vanderbilt was an easy decision. After interviewing all over the country at top ranked programs I finally found a program that wasn’t “ok” with being where they were, figuratively speaking. In VUMC I found a program that is advancing, growing, and recruiting some of the best physicians in the country. Vanderbilt’s progressive vision of PM&R and its future is second to none and I was tremendously excited by the opportunity to be a part of a program that is shaping the future of PM&R. 

    Outside Interests: My family is my life, my wife is my best friend, and spending time with them is my all-time favorite thing, regardless of the setting. I also love teaching and I’m a little obsessed with Ultrasound. (And maybe some fly fishing and basketball)

  • Paige Chase, MD

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Loveland, Colorado

    Undergrad: University of Kansas

    Med School: University of Kansas School of Medicine

    Career Plans: Adolescent/college sports medicine (as of right now)

    Why VUMC: The opportunity to work in a large, renowned medical center while still having a supportive and friendly culture. Dr. Sullivan and the whole department really care about you as a person, not just a resident and it shows.

    Outside interests/hobbies: Soccer, amateur paleontology, and hiking/running with my dog.

  • Valentine Chukwuma, MD, PhD

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Enugu, Nigeria 

    Undergraduate University: Lee University 

    PhD: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine 

    Medical School: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine 

    Academic Awards/Honors: Cornelius Scholarship, Jonathan and Virginia Scholarship, Williams Scholarship, Vanderbilt Vaccine Center Scholarship 

    Career Plans: Brain Injury, Cancer Rehabilitation, Interventional Spine, Pain Medicine, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Regenerative Medicine, Research

    Why VUMC: By attending medical school at Vanderbilt, I got opportunities to have multiple rotations within the PM&R department at VUMC, where I got exposed to the teaching culture among the VUMC PM&R faculty. I was also fortunate to perform research within the department, where I got to learn about the opportunities to pursue my research interests as a resident at VUMC. As a patient at the Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation hospital after life-saving brain surgery, I got to experience the quality of care provided by the PM&R doctors at VUMC; a nature of care that embodies the type of doctor I want to train to become. A combination of the type of training I will receive, and the research opportunities available to me, will make training at VUMC the best path to prepare me for my future career.

  • Bailey Frei, MD

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Lawrence, KS

    Undergraduate University: University of Central Florida

    Medical School: University of Florida

    Career Plans: interests include pediatric rehab and sports medicine

    Why VUMC: The people, the culture! It was evident during the interview how warm and friendly everyone was, and that has stayed true every day since. The program really emphasizes caring for their residents just as much as their patients, and that was something I didn't experience everywhere - Vanderbilt is an incredibly special place.

    Outside Interest/Hobbies: I grew up playing percussion and love all things music, including currently teaching myself how to play ukulele. I've also been enjoying exploring the many amazing restaurants in Nashville, trying to find the best tacos in town, playing board games and card games, and spending time with my significant other and our sweet pup named Brooke.

  • Devon Shannon, MD

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

    Undergraduate University: Liberty University

    Medical School: University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences

    Career Plans: Open minded

    Why VUMC: I chose Vandy because of the supportive and inviting faculty and residents I met on interview day. I knew it would be a positive atmosphere to train in and that I would be invested in by the faculty. The program is also very well rounded and offers exposure to many subspecialties, things I wanted in my residency choice. The trajectory of the program to continue building and excelling was another component of my choice to come here. Plus, Nashville is a cool place to call home for a few years. 

    Outside Interest/Hobbies: Exercising, Spartan Races, playing sports, hiking/camping, rollerblading, reading, New England sports (Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics)

  • Carsen Cash, M.D.

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Marion, IL

    Undergraduate: Miami University in Oxford, OH

    Medical School: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

    Career Plans: Undecided; Currently Interested in Neurorehabilitation, Sports Medicine

    Why VUMC: I became familiar with the VUMC PM&R program as a medical student, and I was immediately drawn to it by the great people. They were so welcoming and interested in teaching physiatry, and they wanted me to be as successful as I could be. Additionally, I wanted to be part of a group working to become the best PM&R residency program in all areas including the best residents. I am proud to be in this program and working with all the residents, faculty, and staff.

    Outside interests/hobbies: walks with my wife and dog, intramural basketball, golf, reading, crossword puzzles.

  • Joshua Geller, M.D.

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Overland Park, KS

    Undergraduate: Tulane University

    Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine

    Career Plans: Sports; Interventional Spine/Pain

    Why VUMC: Vanderbilt is a great learning facility and environment, with opportunities to see varied and diverse pathology. There is an inclusive culture, and an emphasis on the health & wellness of residents. In addition, the ability to learn hands-on and have opportunities to perform procedures early in the program was important to me.

    Outside interests/hobbies: Rock climbing, running, jazz piano, guitar, soccer, woodworking, brewing beer.

  • Samantha Houser, M.D.

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Deerfield, IL

    Undergraduate: Georgia Institute of Technology

    Medical School: Carle Illinois College of Medicine

    Career plans: Undecided; Currently Interested in Academic Medicine/Teaching

    Why VUMC: Kind, supportive, and fun people in the PM&R program, combined with stellar educational and research opportunities throughout Vanderbilt. Also spending 4 years in Nashville!

    Outside Interest/Hobbies: Rock climbing, hiking, HIIT, exploring farmers markets, restaurants, beer and craft cocktails, live music, salsa dancing, traveling, practicing Spanish.

  • Jack Kilgore, M.D.

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Hometown: Fort Myers, FL

    Undergraduate: University of Florida

    Medical School: University of Florida College of Medicine

    Why VUMC: It's Vandy! It's a cutting-edge place with the best co-residents and culture. I felt Vanderbilt had great sports coverage opportunities and solid exposure to MSK medicine during training. It also doesn't hurt to be in Nashville!

    Career Plans: MSK/Sports, Concussion/TBI, Ultrasound-guided Injections, Carpal Tunnel Releases, and Trigger Finger Releases.

    Outside Interests/Hobbies: mountain and road biking, running, houseplants, hanging out with my cool co-residents.