MHI & MPI Graduate Student Association

The Microbe-Host Interaction and the Molecular Pathology & Immunology Graduate Student Association (GSA) programs' primary goals are to:

  • Improve communication between the student body and the Graduate Education Committee (GEC)
  • Help prepare students for their Qualifying Exams (QE)
  • Foster community among students

Microbe-Host Interaction and Molecular Pathology & Immunology GSA officials are elected annually, allowing all students the opportunity to hold an officer position during their time in the graduate program.

After student body meetings, GSA officers meet with the GEC each semester to provide feedback on course work, seminars and other important graduate program concerns. 

We provide students with the opportunity to hold a mock QE. During the mock QE, senior graduate students and post docs act as committee members, asking project specific questions in order to best prepare students for their official QE. 

We also host social events including happy hours for current and rotation students.

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