Our Partners

As a growing organization, VUMC has several teams that support end users in their use of technology - hardware and software. Each team has a specialized focus or specific group of customers. We all work closely together to ensure all VUMC employees have the support they need to successfully utilize the technology available to them in the workplace.

Below is a brief overview of each of the support teams we partner with, who they support, and how to contact them.

  • Services: The Health IT Customer Care Team partners with clinicians, surgery schedulers, and front desk staff across the adult enterprise to ensure effective and efficient use of Health IT tools by:

    • Supporting onboarding of new staff and clinicians as well as hospital and clinic acquisitions
    • Serving as boots-on-the-ground for Health IT major incidents, focused rounding and data collection, and eStar updates/upgrades
    • Providing personalized and focused individual and/or group trainings
    • Collaborating with local departmental leaders, Clinician Champions, and members of the PSS Advisory Board to identify and prioritize eStar issues and enhancement requests
    • Assisting in driving institutional initiatives at the local level

    They also partner with embedded eStar Clinician Champions to provide next-level support for important issues. These team members also help deliver education, solve problems, communicate information, and prioritize issues.

    Customers: Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers, Radiology, Home Health, Surgery Schedulers, Front Desk Staff

    Manager: Erica Byrum, MSN, RN

    Associate Managers: Erin Moorman, Daniel Swope

  • Services: The Regional Support Team reports through VUMC Health IT and supports all roles in their use of the eStar (Epic) system at Regional hospitals.

    Customers: All roles (Nursing, Front Desk Staff, Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers, etc.) that utilize the eStar clinical applications within the inpatient setting at Regional hospitals.

    ManagerBarbara Merriweather, RN


  • Services: The Pediatric Outpatient Support Team reports through Monroe Carrol Jr. Children's Hospital Vanderbilt Outpatient Leadership.

    Customers: All roles in Pediatric Outpatient Clinics

    Director: Angela Hunter, RN


  • Services: The eStar Training and Delivery Team reports through Human Resources. They create, maintain, and teach courses to all VUMC employees, clinical and nonclinical, who utilize the eStar System. These classes must be completed in order for a user to gain system access. They manage eStar Training class sign up and the Hubbl tipsheet repository.

    Customers: All VUMC employees who utilize the eStar system

    Director: Kathleen Mandato, Ph.D., MBA



  • Services: The Clinical Application Support Team (CAST) provides Tier 1 Clinical Help Desk functions to triage, sort, prioritize, and route support requests to appropriate VUMC resources. CAST also provides Tier 2 operational application support for eStar, My Health at Vanderbilt, Mobile Heartbeat, Responder V, POU, and QuizTime to support VUMC patient care, education, and research. 

    Customers: All VUMC employees

    Manager: Tracy Palmer

    ContactPegasus Ticket or call 615-343-HELP


  • Services: NTT is our Enterprise technical support team. They are responsible for our first line of support for all general information technology help requests, as well as specialized support in identified areas. The NTT Maintenance team also performs quarterly maintenance on all WoW Carts and Kiosks, shared iPhones, critical Zebra printers, EPIC Scanners, and Business Continuity Access (BCA) workstations.

    Customers: All VUMC employees

    ContactPegasus Ticket or call 615-343-HELP