Adventure Travel Guide to the Microbial World

We are a group of faculty and first year graduate students who are embarking on a travel expedition into the microbial world.  Check this site for a description of what we learn and see along the journey.   You can also follow us on Twitter!  @ClassMicro

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Strawberry Fields Forever

Whether blended into a smoothie, served as an ice cream topping, or accompanied by a pinch of sugar, strawberries are a worldwide fan favorite fruit. No matter the season, strawberries can be found at local farmers markets or in grocery stores and are notorious for their bright red color, fresh smell, and sweet, juicy taste.

Biofilm Competition for Maximum Growth

Brushing your teeth is important to maintain proper dental hygiene. The mouth contains millions of bacteria that accumulate over time when brushing or flossing is not being regularly practiced. The accumulation of bacteria will result in a sticky film of bacteria adhering to the teeth known as a biofilm.

Microbes-Let's Wine About Them

Many microbiologists will experiment with their own homebrewing or winemaking at some point, combining their two favorite past times- alcohol and microbes!  Recently there has been a shift in the larger brewing community, with even more attention to the microbes.  As microbiologists, we know microbes live everywhere, and can influence just about everything.  It comes as no surprise in the article posted by the blog, “Small Things Considered,” how microbes are starting to become pa