Congrats Kayla!

A belated but big congrats to Kayla Ortiz for winning an award for her oral presentation at ABRCMS!

Kayla, you make us look good!

Speaking of Pre-COVID-19 Joy...

I just have to share this picture of Kevin.  He was so happy!  He had made a discovery and was bouncing down the hallway showing everyone in his path images he had captured on his cell phone.  Thought I'd save it for his thesis defense, but I can't resist sharing.  As rare as they are, great science days can carry you a long way!  Even when he was then told to shut down his experiments and read papers at home.




Mike Sheedlo gets a NOGA for his K99 proposal!

Congratulations to Mike for a successful K99 application and NOGA!  Super excited to see the science ahead of you!

NB: Photo from a time pre-COVID-19.  You can see our smiles though.  So young!


Kevin schools the lab on CO2 phase transitions

It was simply a glorious day.  We celebrated Shannon's F32 NOGA and Kevin taught everyone a thing or two about carbon dioxide, phase transitions, and the extraction of essential oils from a lime.  Don't mess with microbiologists!  

Shannon Kordus awarded an F32 for her work!

We are super proud of Shannon Kordus who has been awarded an NIH funded F32 fellowship to study C. difficile toxin secretion.  It is a tad harder to celebrate in the age of COVID-19 but we did it!  No stopping Shannon Kordus!!  And pardon the mess.  Reed is building a cryo-plunger.

No oxygen, no problem!

Congrats to these awesome ladies for assembling an anaerobic chamber on their own.

See how happy they are?  We are about to start having some fun!!

Congratulations Dr. Peritore Galve

Chris Peritore Galve defended his Ph.D. yesterday with beautiful pictures of Gram-positive bacteria colonizing the vasculature of a tomato!  One step closer to joining our lab as a post-doc!