Lab News

News from the Poop Troup

Congratulations to Greg Gomez on a fantastic poster presentation.  And a great showing of support from Miguel, Natalie, and the rest of the Lacy lab!


Bon Voyage, Dr. Jensen!

I am always sad to have people leave the lab, especially awesome people like Jaime.

Jaime, we wish you much joy and success in your new job as scientist at the Henry M. Jackson Foundation.

Another one flies the coop!

Sad to see Mike leave but excited for all the great new science that will emerge from his lab at the University of Minnesota!  Good luck, Dr. Sheedlo!

Congratulations Nick!

We are moving Nick to the alumni page as he leaves to start his own lab.  Fortunately, he isn't traveling very far.

Looking forward to all of the cool science to emerge from the Markham lab!

Kayla's Graduation

Kayla graduated from Vanderbilt with Honors based on her outstanding undergraduate research thesis.  And she got a send off from Dr. Fauci!  Good luck in Boston, Kayla, and please keep in touch. 

Promotion for Heather

Congratulations to Heather Kroh for her promotion to Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology.


Congrats Kayla!

A belated but big congrats to Kayla Ortiz for winning an award for her oral presentation at ABRCMS!

Kayla, you make us look good!

Speaking of Pre-COVID-19 Joy...

I just have to share this picture of Kevin.  He was so happy!  He had made a discovery and was bouncing down the hallway showing everyone in his path images he had captured on his cell phone.  Thought I'd save it for his thesis defense, but I can't resist sharing.  As rare as they are, great science days can carry you a long way!  Even when he was then told to shut down his experiments and read papers at home.