Place An Order

Service requests are placed through iLab (

When you place an order in iLab, you will create a PO number in the payment section. This can be a true PO number or a reference name/number that you would like to use. If you use a reference name/number and receive a true PO number later, you can go back into your order and update the payment information. When you acquire a true PO is up to you and your institutional policies. Some get a PO ahead of time and reference it in their order, and others wait until they receive an invoice before submitting for a PO.

Your results will be attached to your iLab request.  See here for more information.

VUMC Cores must manually assign pricing for new external users. If you get a "Validation failed" error when trying to place a request send an email to Dale Edgerton. Price assignment usually takes several days to process. 

Lipids are measured by the VUMC Lipid Core


​​​***This core is supported by NIH grants DK059637 (MMPC) and DK020593 (DRTC). Please include an acknowledgment in your publications.***