1. How long will it take to get my results?  

  • The typical turnaround time for most assays is ~3 weeks. We process all requests in the order in which they are received so large preceding requests or unexpected problems with an assay can cause delays.
  • Low-frequency assays are only run when we have a sufficient number of samples to cover the cost of the assay.

2. Can I request expedited service?  

  • Although it's helpful for us to know when results are needed urgently, we process all requests in the order in which they are received. 

3. Can I get a discount for submitting a large number of samples?  

  • No, the lab is a federally supported non-profit core, therefore assays are already performed at cost.

4. How much sample is required for the assay?

5. What is the range of detection of the assay?

6. Can I submit one sample for multiple assays?

  • No, to avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles samples must be aliquoted into separate tubes for each assay.

7. Can I submit serum instead of plasma?

  • Yes, but plasma is preferred because it is cleaner, easier to work with, and therefore gives better results.

8. Where do I send my samples?

  • See here. Please ship overnight, Mon-Weds, with sufficient dry ice to avoid loss of your sample.

9. Do I need to add a preservative during sample collection?

10. What factor converts insulin units from µU/ml to pmol/L or ng/ml?

  • 1 µU/ml = 6 pmol/L
  • 1 µU/ml = 0.04 ng/ml

11. I'm having trouble with iLab, what should I do?

12. Where can I find my results?

  • When your request is completed you will receive an automated email from iLab containing a link to your request. Your data will be in a file in the "Attachments & URLs" section of the request. For example:


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