Sample Shipping & Delivery:

  • Complete the iLab submission online and include a copy of the iLab confirmation email in the bag or box with your samples.
  • Vanderbilt investigators should place samples in the designated retainer bins in the drop-off freezer in 711 PRB freezer corridor (if you have any questions we are located in 713 PRB).
  • Please ship samples on dry ice Monday through Wednesday so that the core receives them no later than Thursday of any given week.
    • Vanderbilt Hormone Core, 713 PRB, 2220 Pierce Ave, Nashville, TN 37232
    • When shipping samples with dry ice, please keep in mind that the cold and movement from shipping frequently causes stickers or labels to fall off, especially when the samples are not well secured. In order to prevent that from happening, please secure the inside box or container with tape or rubber bands. If possible, also label the tubes with permanent marker and/or put clear tape around the labels.

The Lipid and Hormone cores are independent. Samples must be shipped to separate locations.


***This core is supported by NIH grants DK059637 (MMPC) and DK020593 (DRTC). Please include an acknowledgment in your publications.***