Department Awards

Last month's all-department meeting included an award ceremony, during which vice chair of research Jonathan Schildcrout and graduate program director Robert Greevy presented the following honors:

The Linda Stewart Applied Analysis Report Award recognizes an exceptional applied analysis report written by a staff biostatistician in our department. The 2020 award was presented to Josh DeClercq for "Healthcare Costs and Utilization Project."

The IT Innovation Award recognizes exceptional work from a member or members of our IT team and potentially the team they work with. It celebrates the creative and crucial contribution that IT members make to department operations, and to the research program within the department, across the medical center, and more broadly. The 2020 award was presented to Cole Beck, Leena Choi, Elizabeth McNeer, Nathan James, Hannah Weeks, and Michael Williams, for the dose-building EHR (electronic health record) R package they authored.

The Patrick G. Arbogast Collaborative Publication Award recognizes an exceptional collaborative publication from a biostatistician or team of biostatisticians in our department. The 2020 award was presented to William D. Dupont and Dale Plummer for "8q24 Genetic Variation and Comprehensive Haplotypes Altering Familial Risk of Prostate Cancer," which was published in Nature Communications.

The Methods Publication Award recognizes an exceptional methodological publication from a biostatistician or team of biostatisticians in our department. The 2020 award was presented to Ran Tao for "Optimal Designs of Two-Phase Studies," which was published in Journal of the American Statistical Association.

The Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award, recognizing excellence in teaching and a dedication to peer education, was presented to Yan Yan.

The W. S. Gosset Award for Exceptional Research, recognizing exemplary work that will advance the field and impact of biostatistics, was presented to Yuqi Tian.

The Commodore Award in Biostatistics was presented to Coleman Harris in recognition of his altruistic dedication to enriching the department and graduate program.

The Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award, recognizing excellence in dedicated mentoring, with an altruistic commitment to student learning beyond the classroom, was presented to Simon Vandekar.

The Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching was presented to Andrew Spieker in recognition of his altruistic commitment to student classroom learning.


There were many outstanding nominees, and we thank the judges: Dan Ayers, Svetlana Eden, Shawn Garbett, Robert Greevy, Frank Harrell, Bob Johnson, Orun Onur, Dale Plummer, Jonathan Schildcrout, and Matt Shotwell.



We will be sharing news of more awards in a few days. Stay tuned . . .


Yan Yan, Distinguished Teaching Assistant