Departmental Awards

See the Graduate Program section for student and teaching/mentoring awards.


Patrick G. Arbogast Collaborative Publication Awards

These recognize outstanding collaborative publications from our department. Papers are judged on scientific influence and biostatistical contribution. Click on the recipients' names to view the papers.

2020: William D. Dupont and Dale Plummer, "8q24 genetic variation and comprehensive haplotypes altering familial risk of prostate cancer"

2019: Jonathan Chipman, Robert Greevy, and Amber Hackstadt, "Association of treatment with metformin vs sulfonylurea with major adverse cardiovascular events among patients with diabetes and reduced kidney function"

2018: Rameela Chandrasekhar Raman and Jennifer Thompson, "Haloperidol and ziprasidone for treatment of delirium in critical illness"

2017: Tatsuki Koyama

2016: Matthew Shotwell

2015: Rameela Chandreskhar

2014: Jeffrey Blume

2013: Tatsuki Koyama & Kang-Hsien (Frank) Fan


Faculty Development/Pilot Grant Awards

2021: Shilin Zhao, Improving Cancer Histopathological Deep Learning Models by Integrating Omics Data

2019: Dandan Liu, Statistical Methods for Practical Implementation of Clinical Prediction Tools in the Emergency Department


  • Jeffrey Blume, Promoting Novel Methods in Mediation Modeling, Statistical Inference, and Experimental Design
  • Cindy Chen, Improving Data Quality for Time-Varying Measurements in Electronic Medical Records
  • Dandan Liu, On Recalibration of Risk Models Using Electronic Health Records
  • Matt Shotwell, Statistical Methods to Quantify and Present Patient-Specific Estimates of Drug Exposure in Pharmacokinetic Models with Residual Blood Samples
  • Yaomin Xu, Multivariate Analysis of the Phenome, Genome Relationship Using Large EHR/Biobank Data: A "Big Data" Discovery Approach towards Personalized Medicine
  • Fei Ye, Methylation-Wide Association Study Methods


IT Innovation Awards

2020: Cole Beck, Leena Choi, Elizabeth McNeer, Nathan James, Hannah Weeks, and Michael Williams, for Dose Building, EHR R Package


Methods Publication Awards

These recognize exceptional methodological publications by biostatisticians in our department.

2020: Ran Tao, "Optimal Designs of Two-Phase Studies," Journal of the American Statistical Association

2019: Frank Harrell

2018: Qi Liu, Quanhu Sheng, Jie Ping & Yu Shyr, "Quantitative assessment of cell population diversity in single-cell landscapes," PLOS Biology

2017: Bryan Shepherd, Frank Harrell & Qi Liu

2015: Jonathan Schildcrout

2014: Dandan Liu

2013: Qingxia (Cindy) Chen


Linda Stewart Analysis Report Awards

These recognize exceptional applied analysis reports written by staff biostatisticians.

2020: Josh DeClercq, "Healthcare Costs and Utilization Project"

2019: Onur Orun

2018: Ahra Kim

2017: Run Fan

2015: JoAnn Alvarez

2014: Cathy Jenkins

2013: Jennifer Thompson