New Series: Spotlight on Vanderbilt Biostatistics

This week we are excited to launch a brand-new series called Spotlight on Vanderbilt Biostatistics.  The purpose of this series is to provide a more candid look at the individual people in the department, going beyond their titles to learn more about them to find out what makes them “tick.” 

Our faculty, staff and students are wonderful to work with and have talents in many areas that go far beyond biostatistics.  They bring new ideas, insights and perspectives that allow us to grow and move forward together as a department.  We encourage and support one another as a group and seek to work collaboratively with those both inside and outside of our department to build a strong community of researchers working towards a greater cause. 

We value our colleagues and look forward to the opportunity to highlight their expertise, skills and interests to build a stronger connection with those we work beside.  We are more than just the science we perform and we hope this series lets that shine through.

A major “thank you” goes out to Mario Davidson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, as it was his idea that sparked this new series.  It seemed most fitting to begin by highlighting him to help get things started and to help model the series to all.

To read the first entry in the Spotlight on Vanderbilt Biostatistics series, simply click here.

If you are a member of our Department and would like to volunteer to be featured as an upcoming guest in this series, be sure to send an email to Robbie Luckett at From there, you will be contacted with a short list of questions to get things started.