At any given time, our Lab has multiple ongoing projects. If you are interested in participating or learning more, please contact the project coordinator for the opportunities listed as detailed below:

  • 2019-2020

    • Renee Landon-Lane - Dizziness Symptom Profile Test-Retest Reliability
    • Taylor Sands - T35 Project: VEMP testing
    • Anna Javins - T35 Project: Auditory Evoked Potential testing


    • Megan Bilodeau - oVEMP test montage difference for pediatric population


    • Ye Wang - Perception of Motion and Vestibular Status


    • Sara Krolewicz - Subjective Visual Vertical of Normal Subjects During Centrifugation
    • Miriam Glicksberg - Impacts of Age on oVEMP Amplitude Using Different Electrode Montages


    • Bridget Stone - Subjective and objective audiovestibular findings in children with Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct
    • Trish Michelson - Comparison of subjective visual vertical (SVV) using two techniques: A test–retest reliability study
    • Katie Makowiec - Test-Retest Reliability of oVEMP's Across Different Electrode Montages


    • John Lee - Comparison of recording techniques for ocular VEMP testing
    • Sarah Steele - Vestibular function in children with Auditory Neuropathy/Dys-synchrony Spectrum Disorder
    • Emily James - Development of subjective measures of dizziness
    • Yolin Sung - Development of the Pediatric Dizziness Handicap Inventory