CA-3 Bios

Molly Brazil

Hometown: Olympia, Washington
Undergraduate Education: University of Washington, Physiology
Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine
Bio: I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, where I fostered my love of hiking, skiing, fly fishing and Seattle sports (go Seahawks!). Despite my love of the coast and the mountains, it was an easy decision to move East to Nashville. I live in 12 South and have been spending my free time exploring the trails and parks around Nashville with my co-interns. I chose Vandy for the incredible opportunities in global health and the welcoming, fun-loving people. I never thought I would move across the country from my family, but the folks here made it an easy transition and I could not be happier with my choice!




Lauren Burgess

Hometown: Plano, Texas
Undergraduate Education: Texas Christian University
Medical School: UNT Health Science Center Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Bio: Hey! I was born and raised in Plano, TX (just north of Dallas) and went to college and medical school in Ft.Worth, TX. Growing up a competitive cheerleader I’ve always loved sports, and I’m super passionate about fitness. I live about 15-20 minutes from VUMC in the suburb of Franklin, and when I’m not working you can find me at the Lifetime Fitness doing group fitness classes. My husband works at Richland Country Club in the golf department. He loves to golf every chance he can get and is always looking for friends to join him! We were sadly a part of the Covid cancelled wedding club and although we technically already got married at the courthouse, we’re excited to hopefully have our dream wedding in Mexico next May! Nashville has been amazing so far, and from the never ending restaurant choices to the outdoor activities there’s literally something for everyone here. I’ve learned so much already on my rotations alongside my wonderful fellow interns, and I’m so happy I chose to train at Vanderbilt. Please reach out to me with any questions you have at all!



Jessica Clark

Hometown: Cloquet, MN
Undergraduate Education: Chaminade University of Honolulu
Medical School A.T. Still University - Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
Bio: Hi everyone - welcome! I grew up in the little town of Cloquet in northern MN. Since then I have hopped around a bit - undergrad in Honolulu, a semester in Copenhagen, short bit in Portland, Oregon, first two years of med school in Missouri, followed by two years of clerkships in Flint, Michigan. All this to say, we were over-the-moon thrilled when we found out Vandy/Nashville would become our new home (like ugly crying status for A WHILE). I was drawn to Vandy because of the genuine warmth and collegial team environment. I am pleased to report that the leadership and amazing co-residents continue to exceed my pre-match hopes with their overwhelming kindness, proactive support, and fun personalities on the daily. I honestly can’t imagine doing intern year without them. In terms of location, Nashville couldn’t have been a better fit for both myself and my husband, who is the lead singer/songwriter of a rock band signed to BMG, which has offices here. While the pandemic has limited our usual live music outings and secondhand shopping sprees, we have thoroughly enjoyed taking nightly walks around the Gulch, where we rent a cozy studio apartment with some stunning sunrise/sunset views. On days off, you would likely find us socially-distancing at the farmers market or playing cribbage on our balcony with mugs of home- made cold brew coffee in our hands. Thanks for stopping by and, again, welcome!






Anna Eid

Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Undergraduate Education: American University of Beirut
Medical School: American University of Beirut
Bio: Salut! I was born in Montreal but spent most of my life in Beirut, where I went to the American University of Beirut for undergrad and med school. I then transitioned from being an AUBite to a Yalie, where I did my research in hypovolemic physiology. When I’m not mispronouncing medication names, I’m usually finding the next best show and eating ice cream. I’m a fan of all things sun, sand, and yoga. I live in the Gulch, and even though I haven’t been able to explore, the ambiance is so hip and fun! Definitely in awe of the Vandy anesthesia family and can’t wait to pay all this good mojo forward!

Brittany Gisi

Hometown: Cocoa, FL
Undergraduate Education: University of Central Florida College of Nursing
Medical School: University of Pittsburgh
Bio: Hey guys! I grew up in Cocoa, FL (East coast of Central FL) where I got my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I moved to Orlando after graduation and worked in a multisystem ICU as a nurse for 4 years before deciding to attend medical school. I went to medical school in Pittsburgh, PA for some change of scenery. I currently live in East Nashville where my fiancé and I bought a home. We like to read classic sci-fi novels, experiment in the kitchen making conventional dishes vegetarian, and (pre-pandemic) explore local breweries. I also keep aquariums (axolotl, danios, snails) and have cats. Some of the reasons I chose Vanderbilt/Nashville were for the comprehensive training, location, and quality of life (e.g., ability to afford a home, music scene, food). I enjoy that my rotations so far in intern year are purposefully selected by our program for relevance to anesthesia. I also like that the program pairs up anesthesia interns with a “buddy” to work with during the first year. As a categorical program, even though you are rotating off-service, there are still anesthesia rotations sprinkled in and you’re still connected to the department if any questions or concerns arise.






Skyler Gordon

Hometown: Columbus, MS
Undergraduate Education: Brown University
Medical School: The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Bio: I’m originally from Columbus, MS and spent 8 years in Providence, RI for college and med school. I’m thankful to be moving back closer to my family for residency. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I haven’t been able to explore much of Nashville, but I’m looking forward to being out on the town once things get better. I live in the Bellevue area, and my favorite thing about residency at Vanderbilt is the people.

Christy Henderson

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Undergraduate Education: Baylor University
Medical School: UT Southwestern
Bio: I spent most of my life in Texas, yet I have adjusted to life in Nashville easily, and look forward to exploring more during residency. I am married to a physical therapist, and we enjoy cooking, brewing kombucha, skateboarding, and hiking together. My favorite spot to ride is the river side trail in Germantown. We live in Midtown, and I love being able to walk to work. I chose Vanderbilt because of how genuine and welcoming they were during the interview process, and they continue to invest and connect with us. Despite the pandemic, I feel very close to my co-interns and the department.




Laura Ibidunni

Hometown: Joliet, IL
Undergraduate Education: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Medical School: University of Pittsburgh
Bio: Hey There! My name is Laura. I am a newbie to the south, living in The Nations neighborhood. From the food, to the outdoor activities/scenery, to the wineries, I’ve been loving every opportunity to take advantage of what Nashville has to offer. If you want to really get to know me, you should know that if brunch was a sport, I would be team captain! Hence why I have fallen for Nashville quickly given all of the good food. Even though the year hasn’t allowed much of it, I am also an avid lover of concerts and music festivals; as well as very passionate about mentorship and working in the community. Although I am new to the city, I have already begun to enjoy every opportunity I’ve had to explore. If I had to choose just one of my favorite things about Vanderbilt, it is that even as a new intern, I’ve felt welcomed with open arms as I create a new family here at VUMC.



Brittney Jackson

Hometown: Austin, TX
Undergraduate Education: Texas A&M University
Medical School: Texas A&M College of Medicine
Bio: Hey everyone! I was born in Houston and raised in College Station, Texas. I loved growing up in a college town and am proud to be an Aggie! I now call Austin my home. In my free time, I love to exercise, hike, cook/try new recipes, and travel. I absolutely love Nashville so far and have enjoyed all the nearby state parks, outdoor activities, and yummy food. I live in the Music Row area and enjoy the walkability. My favorite part about residency so far is the people. Everyone has been so welcoming, kind, and made me feel right at home.




Kaitlyn Janssen

Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama
Undergraduate Education: University of Alabama
Medical School: University of Alabama in Birmingham
Bio: I am one of seven kids and love spending time outdoors with my friends and family. My husband and I bought a house in the Nations, and we love to take our lab mix, Banner, on long walks to explore our neighborhood. We love Nashville for all of the amazing food. There are so many different areas of the city to explore, there is always something to do! Intern year at Vanderbilt has been so amazing, because the faculty and upper level residents have been so kind and welcoming. I know I can reach out to anyone, and they are happy to help me in any way that they can! I am so thankful to be in Nashville and at Vanderbilt!



Jenny Kim

Hometown: New York, NY
Undergraduate Education: University of Pennsylvania
Medical School: Stony Brook University SOM
Bio: I was born and raised in NYC, was in Philly for college and a gap year, and went to med school on Long Island. I live in Music Row with my husband Wenda (ENT) and our cat Taro. On the weekends, we love exploring the outdoor spaces in Nashville like Percy Warner Park and Cornelia Fort Airpark. Moving here, I was struck with how vibrant and warm the city feels, and Vanderbilt definitely reflects that. I feel lucky to begin my training with such supportive colleagues, teachers, and role models!




Chan Lee

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Undergraduate Education: Emory University
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Bio: Hi, guys! I’m Chan, and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I studied Biology and Women’s Studies at Emory University and finished medical school at Medical College of Georgia. Right now, I live close to the hospital in West End, right next to Centennial Park, so that on my days off, I can just as easily go for a run and spend some much-needed time in the sun. My favorite thing about Nashville is hunting down new places to eat! I’ve made it my second job to hit all of the Instagram-worthy restaurants here. The past few months as an intern have been incredible, and through it all, I love the fiercely supportive culture of Vanderbilt’s Anesthesia department. My co-interns are probably my favorite part of residency so far, and I’m most excited to spend these next 4 years eating my way through Nashville with this fantastic group of people.



Steven McKenzie

Hometown: Coconut Creek, FL
Undergraduate Education: University of Central Florida
Medical School: George Washington University, School of Medicine & Health Sciences
Bio: I am Chinese-Jamaican and the first doctor in my very large family. I was originally born in New Jersey but mainly grew up in South Florida (Broward County). I am currently engaged to my undergrad sweetheart with hopes to get married next Spring (pending the pandemic, so fingers crossed)! Outside of the hospital, I love driving/working on my car, playing video games, watching sports (especially football), and exploring the great outdoors. My favorite part about Nashville is how friendly everyone is! Southern hospitality truly exists and you will experience it here daily. My fiancé and I are currently living in the West End area with our cat and absolutely love it. We are less than 10 minutes from the hospital and are surrounded by great shopping and food options. My favorite thing about Vanderbilt Anesthesiology is how close everyone is. They really do make an effort to match a well knitted group and this shows.






Maggie O'Connor

Hometown: Jasper, IN
Undergraduate Education: Vanderbilt University
Medical School: University of Louisville
Bio: Hi! I was born in raised in Southern Indiana. I attended Vanderbilt for undergrad (Go ‘Dores!) where I met my now husband and then went to medical school at University of Louisville. We absolutely love the city and are thrilled to be back in Nashville. We bought a house in East Nash and have enjoyed seeing how the city has grown and changed since our time away. We spend most of our free time hanging out with our Goldendoodle, Bear. My favorite thing about residency so far would have to be my co-interns. Our class connected right away and everyone has been incredibly supportive of each other as we navigate intern year. I can’t wait for the next four years with them!

Brian Paoletti

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Undergraduate Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Medical School: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Bio: Hi all! A little about myself… I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago where I was groomed to be an avid Chicago sports fan. I went to UW-Madison for undergrad which led to a deep appreciate for cheese curds and Wisconsin football. After finishing medical school in Cleveland, I finally broke out of the Midwest and ended up here in Nashville. This city was a natural fit for me as music is one of my main hobbies. I’ve played guitar for 15 years and am sub-par at a few other instruments. I love the night-life here and the outdoor activities available both right in Nashville’s backyard and in parts of the county not too far away. I am a big fan of playing cards and am the self-proclaimed best Settlers of Catan player in the hospital. I’ve become much more into hiking and cooking during quarantine as well! Though I’m early in my residency, I’ve already done two anesthesia rotations and my favorite part so far has been  supportive co-residents and  faculty and early exposure to procedures. I’m looking forward to meeting all the future residents in person!






Ellen Stallings

Hometown: Leawood, Kansas
Undergraduate Education: University of Arkansas
Medical School: University of Kansas School of Medicine
Bio: I love dachshunds, cooking with my instant pot, sleeping in, running, and tending to my many house plants. I am somewhat of a grilled cheese connoisseur, and am currently on the quest to find the best grilled in Nashville. I live just a short commute to the hospital (<10 mins) in Sylvan Park and love the very relaxed and safe feel of the neighborhood - come be my neighbor!  Nashville has so much to offer in the city but also has so many things to do outdoors like hiking, fishing, etc. My favorite thing about VUMC is how amazing and supportive my co-residents are, and how willing everyone is to help you learn. (Also there's an a Ben & Jerry's & Starbucks at the hospital, which is pretty amazing...)

Thomas Svenstrup

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana       
Undergraduate Education: Indiana University- Bloomington
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Bio: My major hobbies outside of medicine are mountain and road cycling, going to concerts, and hiking with my wife and our two pups! I live in 12 south within Nashville, which is an area full of unique shops and delicious food. Even during the pandemic, the staff and residents at Vanderbilt try hard to make us feel welcomed and have provided a great environment to learn in. I can’t wait to meet all of you!




Stephen Tapia-Ruano

Hometown: High Springs, FL
Undergraduate Education: University of Florida
Medical School: University of Florida College of Medicine

University of Florida College of Medicine
About You: Hey all, Florida man here. I grew up in rural north central Florida and spent my school years in the Gainesville area at the University of Florida – the Gator Nation is everywhere. My wife (who is a teacher), dog (who my wife insists is more of a son), and I ended up moving to western Nashville in the Charlotte Park area, which is about a 15min drive from the hospital and downtown, and has great access to many of the big Nashville parks, West Nashville shopping center, and other popular neighborhoods like the Nations.  While public life in Nashville thus far has been to some degree limited due to certain public health crises you may or may not be familiar with, so far we have thoroughly enjoyed the hiking and outdoor areas around, farmers markets, and have already picked out some local favorite restaurants – of which there are countless yet to try. During my school years in Gainesville and in between I spent a good amount of time playing bass and guitar for local bands and churches, so I’m looking forward to all that the live music scene has to offer here.  We’ve really loved the big city access Nashville offers while having the flexibility to find the smaller town balance that we wanted – all with considerably less humid summers and all four seasons. In my first months at Vanderbilt, I have been impressed by the camaraderie and genuine sense of family that is shared by my co-interns, residents, and all the faculty I’ve met – it has truly felt like home.