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Alex Brown

Hometown: Galveston, Texas
Undergraduate Education: Rice University
Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch
Bio: Hello, Everyone! I was born and raised in Galveston, Texas, moved to Houston for undergrad, and then headed back to Gavly for medical school. Even as a lifelong Texan, I couldn’t be happier to have landed here in Nashville (and not just because Taylor Swift is from here). I live near Centennial Park with my fiancé (a software engineer who’s also named Alex!). On my days off, we like to make progress on our long list of must-do Nashville bars and restaurants. Other hobbies of mine include reading, going to concerts, and trying to crochet (while really just watching Parks and Rec for the tenth time). I chose Vanderbilt because even through virtual interviews, I could tell how kind and genuine all of the people were. From day one on the Vandy Dream Team, you truly feel like you’re joining a family. I have been blown away by how welcoming and supportive everyone has been, and I would choose Vanderbilt over and over again. Feel free to reach out with any questions!
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Alice Chae

Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Undergraduate Education: University of Virginia
Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School
Bio: Hey everyone and welcome to Vanderbilt! After growing up and living in Virginia my entire life, I was both excited and nervous to venture to a new state, but I am so glad I took that leap of faith! Vanderbilt was my top choice for residency because I knew I would receive excellent training and mentorship to grow into a highly knowledgeable and skilled anesthesiologist. However, what really sold me was the opportunity to become a part of the Vandy dream team! All of the residents and faculty I’ve met in the anesthesiology department are so kind, down-to-earth, and supportive. What I love most about our program is my co-residents. who make it easy to come to work every day and have quickly become family in and out of the hospital! I currently live in North Gulch and love being in such a central area to downtown, the hospital, local restaurants, and many dog parks where I can take my pup, Breeze! Nashville is such an exciting place to live, and there’s always something to do. When I’m not at work, you can find me cooking/baking (and bringing treats to share at the hospital), being a foodie, attending a concert, researching my next travel destination, or walking Breeze on a nearby trail or greenway. I know how stressful it can be to find the right program, especially if it’s far from home, so please feel free to reach out and ask any questions!
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Colette Ciresi

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Undergraduate Education: Indiana University Bloomington
Medical School Indiana University School of Medicine
Bio: Moving to Nashville after spending my entire life in Indianapolis has been a wonderful experience. In the short time I have lived here, the city already has my heart. There is truly something here for everyone. My highlights include eating at the countless delicious restaurants, going to the bars and speakeasies, and exploring miles of trails/rivers nearby. I have been living my best life thanks to Vanderbilt’s wonderful work-life balance and positive culture. Outside of medicine, I love hiking and spending time in nature, rock climbing, creating artwork, and traveling. I have been to 48 of the 50 states as well as many countries, and it is my experiences traveling that confirmed for me that Nashville is an outstanding place to live. I truly feel that Vanderbilt is providing me with every tool necessary to succeed. It is an indescribable experience coming to work every day and being surrounded by such exceptional care providers with great personalities. I love coming to work every day because this culture inspires me to constantly strive to become a better doctor.
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Josh Coleman

Hometown: Cleveland, TN
Undergraduate Education: University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
Medical School: East Tennessee State University
Bio: I am proud to be a lifelong Tennesseean. I grew up in a small town called Cleveland, went to college in Chattanooga, then attended medical school in Johnson City (yes, the city that got a shoutout in the song “Wagon Wheel”). Though the mountains of East Tennessee are my home and happy place, I am having an absolute blast living in Nashville. The city is deceptively fun, with never-ending new and exciting events/activities each week. I live in Music Row and am very happy with the creativity, greenery, tranquility, and proximity of the area. Outside of the hospital, you will catch me zooming a little too fast on my bike, catching a concert, playing pick-up sports at the park, or making music with friends (there are musicians everywhere!). Truthfully, I could not be happier training at Vanderbilt. Like the city of Nashville itself, Vanderbilt attracts amazing individuals. Email me, and let’s talk
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Alexander Feldner

Hometown: Palos Park, IL
Undergraduate Education: Washington University in Saint Louis
Medical School: Rush Medical College
Bio: Hey, Everyone! I’m Alexandra, and I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and studied Chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis before moving back to Chicago for medical school at Rush. I now live in the Midtown neighborhood with my boyfriend, where we have easy access to all the best things Nashville has to offer - live music, hot chicken, trendy restaurants, beautiful parks, and a quick walk to the hospital. I’ve had a blast exploring the city with my new Vandy family, and when I’m not sporting my scrubs, I also love to travel, hike, climb, camp, Peloton, or curl up with a good book on my balcony. The people at Vanderbilt truly set this program apart with their support for each other, and I could not imagine a better place to do residency! Please reach out with any questions - I’d love to chat more!.
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Sarah Gallegos Headshot
Sarah Gallegos

Hometown: Farmington, MN
Undergraduate Education: Arizona State University
Medical School: Midwestern University in Arizona
Bio: Hi! I’m Sarah. I grew up in the southwest (New Mexico and Arizona) and really haven’t ventured too far away from home until now. I was ready to experience something new and was thrilled to match here at Vandy! I’ve found my people here and couldn’t be happier.  I’m a huge foodie, animal lover, video game nerd and I love traveling every chance I get. I love to be spontaneous and take last minute adventures! This is obviously hard to do in residency so my spontaneous adventures have tended to be last minute trivia nights or hikes. I’ve had a non-traditional route to residency here at Vanderbilt. I worked at an animal hospital, a pharmacy and a pathology lab (to name a few) before I attended medical school. My husband and I bought a townhouse in West Nashville, and we love it here. It’s walking distance to restaurants and breweries which is great to work off those calories, ya dig? I have never seen less than 3 people out walking their dogs at any given time so if you have furry friends basically all of Nashville will accommodate you. We have a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Harper and a Miniature Schnauzer named Dexter, as well as two kitty cat sisters I rescued about 15 years ago. So, I basically have a small farm and I may have overcommitted a bit. Whoops! I’m more than happy to answer any questions about Vandy, Nashville, neighborhoods, or just residency in general. Please reach out anytime!
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Chris Jenks headshot
Chris Jenks

Hometown: Ames, IA
Undergraduate Education: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Bio: I’ll keep it short. Grew up in Iowa, UNC for undergrad, Indiana for med school, now at Vandy. I enjoy riding my bike on roads, gravel, and mountain bike trails. Other than that, I’m usually hanging out with my wife and kids. I’m very much enjoying my time at Vandy and back in the mid-South. I have plenty more stories to tell but those are for some future night shifts.
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John Johnson headshot
John Johnson

Hometown: Florence, Oregon
Undergraduate Education: University of Oregon
Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University
Bio: Hey everyone! I grew up in a small town on the Oregon coast, stayed in Oregon for medical school and could not be happier about the privilege to come to Nashville and Vanderbilt for residency. This is a special place, and it was apparent to me and my family early on that I would not only receive incredible training here at Vanderbilt, but we would all be taken care of and enjoy relocating to Tennessee. The “team” culture that is here in the department of anesthesiology is clear from the moment I stepped onto campus. We look out for one another and embrace being part of a team both in and out of the hospital. I have only been here a short time, but Nashville has incredible food, live music and sports, and great outdoor activities. My wife and I have enjoyed taking our son on long walks in all the neighborhoods and parks around the city and finding a good coffee shop or restaurant after church with our new friends. We are excited about watching some Titans and Commodores football games this fall, attending concerts at all the awesome venues around us, and barbecuing in the backyard at our new home in Northwest Nashville (just outside the city and a short drive to the hospital). Please don’t hesitate to reach out and hear more about the program!
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Kelsei Keene

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Undergraduate Education: Kennesaw State University
Medical School: Texas A&M College of Medicine
Bio: Hi, everyone! My name is Kelsei, and I am originally from Atlanta, GA. I completed an undergraduate degree in Biology at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA. I was fortunate enough to attend Vanderbilt for medical school as well as stick around for residency. My time at Vanderbilt has been a truly amazing experience. VUMC has a very pervasive culture of collegiality and collaboration that always made me feel welcome as a student and now as a resident. I have also thoroughly enjoyed my time living in Nashville. Outside of the hospital I love trying new restaurants, coffee shops, and taking my dog Kobe out to local parks. My top propriety in finding a residency program was going to a place where I would be valued as an individual and given the opportunity to grow into whatever type of physician I chose to be. Vanderbilt allows me the freedom to build any type of career I would like. Please feel free to contact me about any questions about Vanderbilt, anesthesiology as a career or Nashville in general! I’m always happy to chat and share my experience! Everyone has been so welcoming, kind, and made me feel right at home.
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Kyle Kinslow

Hometown: Titusville, FL
Undergraduate Education: University of Central Florida
Medical School: Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
Bio: Hey everyone! I’m a born and raised Floridian now enjoying the Nashville life. My wife and I had wanted to live in Nashville for some time, and residency was a perfect opportunity to make the dream come true. My wife is a 4th grade teacher at a local elementary school by Vandy and we have a golden retriever named Qira. The anesthesia department here at Vanderbilt has been nothing short of incredible. All the upper-level residents have welcomed our group with open arms and have really gone out of their way to make us feel a part of the team and helped ease the transition from medical school to intern year. The city of Nashville is such a fun, lively place with free music everywhere, great bars and restaurants, and beautiful parks/trails. While it wasn’t for the faint of heart given the recent housing surge, we were fortunate to get a house so do know it is possible! If you have any questions about relocating, Nashville life, or residency in general don’t hesitate to reach out!
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Mary Kay Kujak headshot
Mary Kay Kujak

Hometown: New Port Richey, Florida
Undergraduate Education: Baylor University
Medical School: University of Central Florida Medical College of Medicine
Bio: Hi, Everyone! Welcome to Vanderbilt Anesthesia! I was born in Washington state, moved to New Jersey when I was three and then to Florida when I was 11. I ventured to Texas for college and had the best four years at Baylor University before coming back to Florida for medical school. I currently live in the Hillsboro Village area in Nashville and would highly recommend it. It is a short <5 minute walk to the hospital with many cute shops and eateries within walking distance as well. I love all things outdoors, water activities, live music, and surrounding myself with good people. There are a plethora of close outdoor activities like Percy Warner Park and Radnor Lake that take 10 minutes to get to from the city. Additionally, on days off, I have gone on hikes to beautiful waterfalls only an hour to an hour and a half drive away. Coming from Florida I was nervous that I would not get my water fix, but Nashville has plenty of lakes to go boating on, rivers to tube down, and waterfalls to explore. The other thing I love about Nashville is that you can always find live music, and most of the time it is FREE to listen to. The anesthesiology department, and the Nashville population in general, have been some of the most welcoming, genuine individuals I have ever met. Even after only a few weeks, I knew these were my “people.” My favorite thing about Vanderbilt anesthesiology is my anesthesia co-residents! They are truly exceptional people who I look forward to not only working with but also hanging out with outside the hospital. Matching at Vanderbilt has undoubtedly been one of the best things that has ever happened to me so please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!
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Sarah McCraney headshot
Sarah McCraney

Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
Undergraduate Education: University of Michigan
Medical School: University of Florida
Bio: After growing up in Georgia, I attended the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) for my undergraduate degree, and then spent two years in NYC before heading to the University of Florida for medical school.  My husband and I recently moved to Charlotte Park in West Nashville, and we are both absolutely thrilled to be in Nashville!  We have loved exploring the city so far, from walking our two dogs Indie and Roxy around Percy Warner Park to brewery hopping our way through the different neighborhoods.  We are both big fans of everything outdoors, trying out new restaurants, and any and all things sports – all of which Nashville has in spades!  Vanderbilt won us over with an incredibly welcoming interview experience, and my first couple of months here have only confirmed the genuine warmth and collegiality of the program.  I’ve loved working with and getting to know my co-residents both inside and outside of the hospital, and I am so excited for my time with my new Vandy family! 
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David Newton headshot
David Newton

Hometown: Augusta, GA
Undergraduate Education: University of Georgia
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Bio: Hey y’all! I was born and raised in Augusta, GA, went back for medical school, and already have my vacation scheduled for Masters week this year. I’m a huge UGA fan as well, and I can’t wait for the dawgs to come to Nashville on 9/25. I grew up playing travel soccer, but now my main competitive outlets include ping pong, spike ball, and disc golf. There’s so much about Nashville to love, including the impressive food scene and hiking trail systems. Ultimately though, my wife and I wanted to land in Nashville because of the opportunities we saw for personal and collective growth. Vanderbilt’s anesthesiology program offers no shortage of incredible mentors, educational experiences, and avenues for unique professional development (check out the advanced leadership tracks). Please reach out if you want to hear more about it!
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Lindsey Nguyen headshot
Lindsey Nguyen

Hometown: Superior, CO
Undergraduate Education: Rice University
Medical School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Bio: Hello, and welcome! The places I lovingly call home include Oklahoma where I was born, Colorado where I grew up, and Texas where I attended college and spent my gap year before medical school. I am super thrilled to add Nashville to the list! Outside of the hospital, I love to try new restaurants and coffee shops, play tennis, hike, and read on my balcony while sipping an iced matcha. I also enjoy running leisurely, skateboarding, and dabbling in art. Recently, I’m obsessed with crocheting my own bucket hat, but that project is still TBD. My #1 priority when choosing a residency was finding a program genuinely invested in my growth, not only as a physician, but also as a human being. And a few months into intern year, I knew I had found that here at Vanderbilt. I am empowered to give my best every day because of the constant support from my anesthesia fam and the inspiring, compassionate patient care of all the healthcare workers that I have the privilege to learn from. I am proud to be a resident at Vanderbilt!
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Chandra Rathnam headshot
Chandramouli Rathnam

Hometown: Troy, MI
Undergraduate Education: Cornell University
Medical School: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Bio: Hello! My name is Chandra. I was born and raised in Troy, MI, right outside of Detroit. I have an older sister, who is a palliative care neurology fellow and is the first doctor in all our family. I went to Cornell University and studied biology and computer science (CS). I then went to Pittsburgh to do a master’s in biomedical informatics to combine my interest in both medicine and CS. I chose anesthesiology because of the wonderful experiences I’ve had working with anesthesiologists; I have never met a group of individuals who enjoy what they do so much and, moreover, enthusiastically share their love for the field with others. When deciding on a career, it was important to me to find a group of coworkers who I could envision being friends with and hanging out. Vanderbilt is the epitome of this, with caring and interesting individuals who genuinely want to see you excel without requiring you to compromise the other joys of life. Outside of work, I love to play video games and am a big tech enthusiast; I spend a lot of time on my PC exploring the depths of the internet. I also love playing volleyball and finding quiet, comfy spots to take naps outdoors. I live in downtown Nashville, just a few minutes away from Broadway. If you have any questions about the area, please feel free to reach out!
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Eric Samuelson headshot
Erin Samuelson

Hometown: Flower Mound, TX
Undergraduate Education: University of Texas at Austin
Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston
Bio: Hey y’all! I’m from a smaller suburb in the Dallas, Texas area and moved to Austin for undergrad with a gap year prior to medical school in Galveston.  I grew up playing almost every sport from ice hockey to tennis to soccer. My significant other and I have felt at home in Nashville from the moment we moved into our apartment near Centennial Park. Some of my favorite activities include working out, bouldering, watching sports (Go Preds!), going to concerts and trying new bars/restaurants. There is always a new activity to discover in Nashville and happy colleagues to join the adventures! The other interns, residents, and faculty are what truly make Vanderbilt an incredible institution. The culture here keeps me excited for residency every day and reinforces that VUMC and the Nashville area are the perfect place to train! Feel free to reach out for any questions that you have!
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Victoria Stabile headshot
Victoria Stabile

Hometown: Nashville, TN    
Undergraduate Education: Colorado College
Medical School: East Tennessee State University
Bio: Hi, there! I was born and raised in Nashville and am thrilled to be back home for residency at Vanderbilt! It’s pretty fun to now be working and learning right across the street from where I attended high school at USN. I went to Colorado College for undergrad and then spent a few years coordinating surgical trips for Operation Smile, a non-profit that focuses on cleft lip and palate surgery for those without access in low- and middle-income countries. After working alongside many happy anesthesiologists from countries around the world, I knew anesthesia was the right path for me! I attended medical school at ETSU in Johnson City, Tennessee, where I met my banjo-playing husband, Alex. We could not be happier to be here in Nashville, with access to some of the best venues the world has to offer such as The Station Inn and the Ryman! The best parts of being at Vandy are the supportive learning environment and amazing co-residents! Nothing brings a smile to my face quicker than catching up with another member of our team out and about in the hospital, as we’re truly embedded in every facet of care at VUMC. If you have any questions about life at Vandy or in Nashville, don’t hesitate to reach out!
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Alex Tobias headshot
Alex Tobias

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Undergraduate Education: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Medical School: Chicago Medical School
Bio: Hi, Everyone! My name is Alex, and I’m from Chicago (Lou Malnati’s over Giordano’s every day, any day). I’m a Chicago sports fan and very much looking forward to catching a Blackhawks vs. Preds game at Bridgestone this winter. Also, I’ve already decided that I’ll be adopting the Titans as my AFC team. I went to Wisconsin-Madison for undergrad, where I grew to love college towns and Badger football. My first time in Nashville was actually a few days before I began my residency, but I’m glad I took the leap of faith. I’ve been most impressed by the friendliness and hospitality of the city, and most importantly everyone I have met at VUMC my first two months of residency. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, camping, skiing, and fishing. I am looking forward to exploring all that Nashville has to offer, including the restaurants and the many outdoor activities. Who knows, I might even warm up to country music! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
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