Vanderbilt Anesthesiology Summer Research Intern reflects on time at VUMC

Thank you, VUMC Anesthesiology

The Vanderbilt Anesthesiology Summer Internship Program 2023 has truly been one of the most incredible experiences I have had the honor to participate in. As I reflect upon my enriching and transformative experience with your esteemed department this summer, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and a sense of profound appreciation for the invaluable opportunity you provided me.

Being hosted for summer research and clinical shadowing at Vanderbilt under the guidance of the talented professionals in the Department of Anesthesiology has been an incredible privilege and a pivotal moment in my academic and professional journey. From the moment I stepped through your doors, I was welcomed with warmth and enthusiasm, making me feel like a part of your close-knit community. Dr. Carrie Grueter was vital to this, and I quite frankly believe her passion for mentorship, leadership, innovation, discovery, and kindness for all is impeccable.

The exposure and hands-on experience I gained throughout my time with your department exceeded my expectations. I was truly impressed by the dedication, skill, and compassion displayed by every member of the team. From the research projects I was involved in, to the observation of real-life medical scenarios, every moment was an opportunity for me to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.

I want to thank specifically Dr. Meredith Kingeter, Dr. Letha Mathews, and Dr. Edward Sherwood for sharing their clinical time with me. Also, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Edward Sherwood and Maggie McBride (MD/PhD student), whose guidance and encouragement played a role in my understanding of the field of anesthesiology, immunology, and pathology. Their expertise and willingness to impart knowledge have left a lasting impact on me, and I feel inspired to pursue the realm of immunology further.

Furthermore, I extend my thanks to all the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and staff members I had the pleasure of interacting with during my time at VUMC. Tammy, one of the CRNAs, was an outstanding powerhouse of an educator and spent every possible moment making me feel welcome in the OR. Maggie (CA-3) was also exceptional to work with and provided great insight into the art of anesthesiology. Their kindness and willingness to answer my questions made me feel at ease and reaffirmed my passion for pursuing a career in academic medicine.

Additionally, I would like to thank Dr. Michael Pilla for presenting his career path and his perspective on developing a career we love. His words, "the time will pass no matter what you do," will forever echo inside my head when contemplating whether to 'go for it.' I believe if I learned one thing from this summer, it was to pursue elements that would not only enhance career development but those which truly brought fulfillment and happiness on many levels.

Moreover, I would like to thank the various career panelists who provided insight into a career in academic medicine and as a physician-scientist. With a decent history of research experience, myself, I have always considered this as a viable option for my future. These individuals have inspired me to pursue a career in academic medicine and research. I intend to have an impact on patients not only through providing clinical care but also by generating knowledge that would shift the fundamental thinking about solutions to medical problems, benefiting patients on a larger, more global scale.

I am leaving this experience with a wealth of knowledge, fond memories, and a determination to excel in my future endeavors. The Department's commitment to patient care, continuous learning, and innovation has set an exemplary standard that I aspire to follow in my own professional journey.

With heartfelt thanks and warmest regards,

Nicholas Davis (he/him)

Davis is a Medical Student (MD2) at Florida State University College of Medicine (MD Class of 2026).

Summer interns Nicholas Davis and Michelle Shin reading over a manual during a simulation in the CELA lab.