Physician Spotlight: Michael Hof

Michael Hof, MD, PhD, has joined Vanderbilt University Medical Center in October 2020 as an Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology. He practices both Multispecialty Adult Anesthesiology and Neuroanesthesiology.

While he has a special interest in neuroanesthesia, Hof has managed to keep an interest in many areas of anesthesia. “I work in critical care as well as in emergency medicine, just as I love pediatric and obstetric anesthesia,” he said. “All types of clinical work are interesting to me.”

His greatest professional accomplishment is helping people worldwide. “As much as we have to work prudently and economically, healthcare is still primarily a social mission,” he said.

Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology Warren Sandberg, MD, PhD, said the department can really benefit from having someone with Hof’s experience. “His international experience – Continental Europe, England, along with the holistic approach to anesthesia and intensive care practiced in those regions is extremely valuable to the department.  He can teach us a lot about diverse perspectives on what it means to be an anesthesiologist, and how to optimally interdigitate with our adjacent colleagues.”  

Hof decided to become an anesthesiologist when he developed an interest in understanding human pathophysiology and understanding the workings of the body and mind. He said anesthesiology and critical care medicine deliver the greatest diversity and broadest knowledgebase in medicine.
VUMC had a big impact on Hof’s life when he became a patient in January. He sustained serious injuries when he was struck by car on his way into work. “The care I received at VUMC was second to none and continues to be fantastic. I am so grateful to all the people here who helped pull me through this very difficult time.”

Hof is a member of Chamber of Physicians in Hesse, Germany, Chamber of Physicians in North Rhine Germany, American Society of Anesthesiologists, Tennessee Society of Anesthesiologists, General Medicine Council in the United Kingdom, Royal Medicine College of Anaesthetists in the United Kingdom, British Medical Association, and Ludwig Maximilians University Society in Munich, Germany.