September 25, 2018

It was announced on June 2018 that Peter Chin, MBBS, a Pediatric Anesthesiologist, was appointed Chair of the Institutional Sedation Committee.

Chin’s main goal is to ensure continuity of the committee’s work. However, there have been some challenges with the switch from the previous Election Medical Record (EMR) to the current one. He also wants to look for ways to improve current Sedation documentation and practices. 

He would like to get to know some of the Sedation sites better, especially in the Adult Hospital. “One of my early goals will be to go on a mini tour of the different areas. Get to know their work and put faces to names, and see how I can help,” he explains. 

According to Chin, he is qualified for this position because he has a long standing involvement with Sedation at Vanderbilt and at other institutions as well as national organizations dedicated to Pediatric Sedation. “I understand the policies that govern Sedation both internally and externally,” Chin said.. 
A Master of Management in Health Care degree from Vanderbilt also adds to his list of qualifications. This one-year business degree gave him a financial background and global perspective on how medical systems run. “The experience really helped with being able to communicate within the system and with other healthcare professionals.” He explained how the degree will help him on the administrative side with policy making and enforcement since the role is about systems construction and ensuring that systems work as intended. 

Through this role, Chin hopes to contribute to VUMC as a whole by focusing on safety, compliance and ensuring that systems can support the services that utilize Sedation. There is a wide breadth of sites that use Sedation within the hospital.