Travel Information

Contact: Nancy Hagans


Any VUIIS trainee, staff member or student who will be traveling and this travel will be supported by VUMC/VUIIS funds must complete the Travel Request form. You can find the link to the form below. This must be completed as soon as it has been determined that you will be traveling.  Nothing should be booked until you have received confirmation of the funding source. Also, please remember that even if a conference is virtual, it is still considered travel and you must go thru the same process as if it is in person.   Please make sure to complete the “Travel Request Form” prior to booking a virtual conference or travel. The goal of completing this form is to ensure prompt reimbursement of your expenses.

Important Points:

  • Approval / Source of Funds – regardless of virtual or actual, there is a required field requesting an approval email and source of funds.  We want to make sure that there are no misunderstandings regarding reimbursements.
  • If an international trip is being supported by grants funding, the grants manager must be notified as there is an additional step required.                                                                                  
  • In the event of traveling to an actual international conference – Regardless of funding, we need you to complete the VUMC Export Questionnaire prior to booking travel found here -
  • All air reservations, international and domestic, must be made through the online booking tool CONCUR or directly with the designated travel agency, except in documented extreme cases necessitated by business needs and/or to preserve personal safety. (Cost is not defined as a business need)
  • Reimbursement request for VUMC staff and trainees are processed thru Workday.  VU trainees will need to submit their receipts to for processing. 

Concur website link -

 VUIIS Travel Request Form:

For International Travel please complete the questionnaire below:

Vanderbilt Medical Center International Travel Questionnaire
Vanderbilt University International Travel Questionnaire

FAQs: VUMC Global Support


As a reminder, please be sure to submit all expenses prior to 60 days or your expense report will be subject to tax laws.
 If you have any questions related to the VUIIS Travel Process, please let Nancy Hagans or Laura Elgin know.