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The Center for Computational Imaging (CCI) provides solutions and services aimed to make imaging research more tractable to members of the scientific community. The CCI works with researchers to provide services, training, and guidance for image analysis and informatics. The CCI develops support tools, informatics tools, and infrastructure, to help advance imaging research for the center's user, collaborators, and the medical imaging community.

Web Portal for the XNAT data management and analysis infrastructure:


The Center for Computational Imaging (CCI) aims to provide infrastructure, image analysis, and informatics expertise to facilitate basic science research using imaging data, while developing novel approaches to computational imaging techniques. The CCI targets solutions and services in three key areas:

  • Services: The CCI provides resources for researchers that alleviate the training and expertise required with traditional package-based image processing solutions. In addition, we work with researchers to create project-specific tools to extend analysis capabilities.
  • Infrastructure: The CCI develops, maintains, and supports software and hardware solutions that contribute to streamlining data storage, retrieval, analysis.
  • Research: The CCI is active in many projects to develop and apply novel image analysis and informatics techniques to a wide variety of research areas.


Image analysis software

In-house and community imaging processing and analysis software access and expertise

Custom computational analysis

Project specific planning and analysis for imaging research projects

Computer Core Lab

High-end computer labratory with many current image processing and analysis tools