Saikat Sengupta, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor
Radiology & Radiological Sciences

My interests lie in improving Magnetic Resonance Imaging performance by developing methods to minimize image artifacts and improve scanning efficiency on high field imaging systems. My research areas include real time shimming, continuously moving table imaging, motion correction and field monitoring.

My current work involves developing methods for rapid whole-body imaging using continuously moving table MRI methods. My past work has included realtime head motion correction using NMR probes for high resolution neuroimaging, dynamic B0 shimming at high field and developing models for prospective shim eddy current compensation.

Research Information

Sengupta S, Smith DS, Gifford A, Welch EB Whole-body Continuously Moving Table Fat-Water MRI with Dynamic B0 Shimming at 3 Tesla. Magn Reson Med. (In Press)

Sengupta S, Smith DS, Welch EB Continuously Moving Table MRI with Golden Angle Radial Sampling. Magn Reson Med. Oct 2014.

Sengupta S, Tadanki S, Gore JC, Welch EB Prospective real-time head motion correction using inductively coupled wireless NMR probes. Magn Reson Med. 2013 Nov 18.

Sengupta S, Welch EB, Zhao Y, Foxall D, Starewicz P, Anderson AW, Gore JC, Avison MJ. Dynamic B0 shimming at 7 Tesla. Magn Reson Imaging. 2011 May; 29(4): 483-96.

Sengupta S, Avison MJ, Gore JC, Welch EB. Software compensation of eddy current fields in multislice high order dynamic shimming. J Magn Reson. 2011 Jun; 210(2): 218-27.