Internal & External Advisory Committees

VCORCDP Internal Advisory Committee (IAC)

The major function of the VCORCDP Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) is to provide continuous oversight and advice regarding program operations. The IAC is chaired by co-program director, Dr. Debra Friedman, MD, MS, of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Division of Pediatric Hematology & Oncology. Specifically, the IAC:

1) Screens and selects candidates for program participation.

2) Assists in the mentor selection process.

3) Reviews and approves each scholar’s cancer research career development plan.

4) Evaluates each scholar’s progress every six months to make necessary improvements and/or to recommend termination.

5) Evaluates the participation and success of faculty mentors.

6) Promotes the transition of scholars to extramural mechanisms of support and independence.

7) Evaluates the overall effectiveness of the program in terms of the quality and availability of applicants, the effectiveness of mentors, the progress of scholars, the success of scholars following completion of the career development program, and the success of recruitment strategies in identifying qualified applicants with a focus on URM.

The IAC meets every six months to review program progress and to evaluate applicants and scholars. The IAC is comprised of investigators from each subspecialty of oncology from which most scholars apply. The Committee has also been constituted to reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of leadership in cancer research at Vanderbilt. All IAC members are experienced investigators who have a record of mentoring and research productivity as well as administrative leadership. 

Internal Advisory Committee Members

Name Credentials Department/Division Photo
Ben Ho Park MD, PhD Division of Hematology & Oncology Ben Ho Park
W. Kimryn Rathmell MD, PhD Division of Hematology & Oncology W. Kimryn Rathmell
Michael DeBaun MD, MS Division of Pediatric Hematology & Oncology Michael DeBaun
Carrie L. Kitko MD Division of Pediatric Hematology & Oncology Carrie Kitko
Michael Freeman PhD Department of Radiation Oncology Michael Freeman
David Penson MD, MPH Department of Urology David Penson
Kelvin Moses MD, PhD Department of Urology Kelvin Moses
David Barocas MD, MS Department of Urology David Barocas
Ronald Alvarez MD Department of Gynecologic Oncology Ronald Alvarez
Tuya Pal MD, MS Division of Genetic Medicine Tuya Pal
Christopher Williams MD, PhD Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Christopher Williams
Scott Hiebert PhD Department of Biochemistry scott hiebert
Ann Richmond PhD Department of Cancer Biology Ann Richmond
Karen Winkfield MD, PhD Department of Radiation Oncology
Vicki Keedy MD, MSCI Division of Hematology & Oncology

VCORCDP External Advisory Committee (EAC)

The major function of the VCORCDP External Advisory Committee (EAC) is to provide input into the scientific direction of program, ensure the program is meeting national workforce needs, and monitor progress, accomplishments, and trajectory to further programmatic advancement. These EAC faculty are all oncology physician-scientists, leaders in oncology, and directors or associate directors of oncology K12 programs at their institutions.

External Advisory Committee Members

Name Credentials Oncology Division Institution Photo
Irwin Bernstein MD Pediatric Oncology Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Irwin Bernstein
Susan Blaney MD Pediatric Oncology Baylor College of Medicine Susan Blaney
Ramaswamy Govindan MD Medical Oncology Washington University Ramaswamy Govindan
Funmi Olopade MD Medical Oncology University of Chicago Funmi Olopade
Lucile Adams-Campbell PhD Medical Oncology Georgetown University