VCORCDP Expectations

All scholars are selected based on a proposed research plan that includes:

1) A VCORCDP mentor who is an actively practicing physician participating in patient-oriented cancer research 


2) A dyad mentorship in which at least one mentor is a clinical investigator and the other a basic or translational science investigator.

The proposed research project for the scholar must be patient-oriented and involve direct patient assessment, measurements on patient-derived samples, and/or the use of investigational therapeutic or diagnostic techniques. Scholars are expected to complete the following VCORCDP core requirements during their time in the program, including to:

1) Complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training and to recognize and document RCR training occurring throughout the period of training

2) Receive instruction in Methods of Enhancing Reproducibility

3) Publish at minimum one peer-reviewed manuscript during the period of training

4) Apply for at least one external source of funding during annually

Scholars and mentors must provide program evaluation in the form of:

1) An annual structured written progress report, including a report of the mentor and mentoring committees, collected via a secure REDCap survey tool

2) An annual Individual Development Plan (IDP), also collected via REDCap survey, with signoff by one or both Program Directors

3) Participation in the Annual Retreat, including presentation of future direction in a chalk talk-style format.