At the heart of VCORCDP is the mentored research project, and the availability of committed, experienced faculty mentors remains a strength of the program. Our faculty mentors represent diverse disciplines of oncology and their expertise spans the three major domains of research in which our scholars conduct their training and investigations: Clinical Trials and Drug Development, Translational Cancer Biology, and Cancer Health Outcomes and Epidemiology.

Clinical Trials and Drug Development

Name Credentials
Vandana G. Abramson MD
Jordan D. Berlin MD
Marta A. Crispens MD
Cathy Eng MD
Michael K. Gibson MD, PhD
Douglas B. Johnson MD, MSCI
Young Kim MD, PhD
Christine Lovly MD, PhD
Lawrence J. Marnett PhD
Brian I. Rini MD
Michael R. Savona MD
Laura Goff MD, MSCI


Translational Cancer Biology

Name Credentials
Justin M. Balko PharmD, PhD
David K. Cortez PhD
Nancy J. Cox PhD
Michael L. Freeman PhD
James R. Goldenring MD, PhD
Scott W. Hiebert PhD
Paula J. Hurley PhD
Ian Macara PhD
Ben Ho Park MD, PhD
Jennifer A. Pietenpol PhD
Jeffrey Rathmell PhD
W. Kimryn Rathmell MD, PhD
Ann Richmond PhD
William P. Tansey PhD
Christopher S. Williams MD, PhD
Sandra Zinkel MD, PhD


Cancer Outcomes and Epidemiology

Name Credentials
Daniel A. Barocas MD, MPH
Debra Friedman MD, MS
John Graves PhD
Tuya Pal MD
David Penson MD, MPH
Xiao-Ou Shu MD, PhD, MPH
Consuelo H. Wilkins MD, MSCI
Wei Zheng MD, PhD, MPH
Martha Shrubsole PhD
Melinda Aldrich PhD
Georgia Wiesner MD, MS