Licensed Nurse Credentialing Process for Non-VUMC Staff

The non-employee credentialing process is required for any nurse who is working with a physician/physician group or other organization that has already been approved to provide services at Vanderbilt.  This does not apply to nurses who are currently employed by Vanderbilt or advanced practice nurses who are seeking privileges at Vanderbilt.  All nurses who go through the process must have a supporting nursing administrator, such as the chief nursing officer for the area you are seeking credentialing for and a supervising physician.  

A completed packet of information must be submitted to the supporting nursing administrator before credentialing can be considered.

The One-Page Summary/Checklist outlines required information/materials for licensed nurses who are not employed by Vanderbilt to be credentialed to practice nursing at Vanderbilt Medical Center.  Incomplete forms and information may cause delays in the credentialing process.

A total of three documents need to be completed:

Any nurse who practices at Vanderbilt whether an employee or not, must meet certain federal and state requirements for orientation and confidentiality purposes.  Once you have completed the documentation and quiz, please print for your records.  Submit copies with your packet of materials.

A background check is required and will be completed by Vanderbilt.  Please specify month/year for employment dates.

A Scope of Practice Statement with competency attestation with signatures is required and must contain: supervising physician, practice locations, patient population(s), and type(s) of service provided.

The Memorandum of Understanding outlines the agreement between the organization and Vanderbilt and is required. 

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