Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery

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One of the nation’s great hospitals – and Nashville’s own, Vanderbilt University Medical Center is leading the way, providing comprehensive care of the hand and upper extremity.

Our team of fellowship-trained hand and upper extremity surgeons in the Plastic Surgery department is dedicated to helping you function at your highest level. In collaboration with Vanderbilt University Hospital, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, and the Veteran’s Administration, we provide compassionate, high-quality care for people of all ages.

Recognized excellence

Our reconstructive plastic surgeons have extensive training treating both children and adults – and are uniquely skilled to care for you. From the simple to the most complex conditions, you can be confident in your care.


As a premier provider of hand surgery in the Southeast and as part of the National Hand Trauma Center Network, we provide 24/7/365 care for hand trauma emergencies. Ranging from nonoperative hand fractures to those of devastating proportion, we are here for you.

Patient-centered care

Through multidisciplinary clinics and collaboration across medical and surgical specialties, we provide you a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan. Hand therapy rehabilitation services are readily available and focus on pain relief, mobility, and improved function.

Surgical expertise

Whether from trauma, tumor, infection, or congenital, we specialize in reconstruction of the upper and lower extremities. Treatment plans are personalized and may include skin, muscle, bone, blood vessel, and/or nerve surgery, incorporating cutting-edge microvascular surgery techniques.

Research and education

Our commitment to research means you receive the most current, sophisticated care available. As one of the great academic medical centers, Vanderbilt trains future generations of leaders through residency and fellowship education programs.

Binding these together are the overarching themes of collaboration, collegiality, innovation, and creativity.

Conditions we treat

Amputation stump pain Nerve injuries
Amputations Radial tunnel syndrome
Arthritis Repetitive strain injury
Avascular necrosis Rheumatoid arthritis
Birth / Congenital differences Skin lesions and tumors
Bone tumors Soft tissue loss
Brachial plexus injury Spasticity
Burns Sports and overuse injuries
Bursitis Sprains and strains
Carpal tunnel syndrome Symptomatic neuromas
Compartment syndrome Tendon injuries
Cubital tunnel syndrome Tendonitis
De Quervain's Tenosynovitis (Gamers / Texters Thumb)    Tennis elbow
Dislocations Tetraplegia
Dupuytren’s contracture Thumb arthritis
Ergonomics / Joint Protection / Biomechanics  Thumb injury
Fractures Trigger finger
Ganglion cysts Tumors of the hand and upper extremity
Golfer’s elbow Vascular anomalies
Hand and wrist masses Vascular disease / circulatory disturbances of the hand 
Infections Work-related injuries
Kienbock’s disease Wounds
Nerve compression
Wrist injuries