VUMC’s Construction Safety Program Has Changed

Construction ID badges are mandatory for all contractors and subcontractors working for VUMC. VUMC will no longer host Construction Safety Orientation classes or provide on-site drug testing.

How to get a Construction ID Badge

  1. Watch the online orientation video

  2. Pass the online test

  3. Pass a drug test

  4. Show up for badging


Orientation Video 

Construction Safety Test

VUMC Construction Registration Form


VUMC Planning · Design · Construction will print badges Monday–Wednesday, 8:00AM-9:00AM, BY EMAIL APPOINTMENT ONLY. To receive a badge, workers must bring hardcopies of:

  1. A VUMC Construction Registration Form
  2. Drug test results

Badging is completed in the VUMC construction trailer (off Vivien Thomas Way). You have 72-hours after completing the online test to pick up your badge. If you miss the 72-hour window, you will have to retake the online test and pass another drug test.


This new badging process is a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To minimize risk of exposure, we have eliminated in-person classes. When you arrive to pick up your badge, you will be expected to:

  1. Wear a mask while waiting in line
  2. Have a daily COVID screening sticker (available at Med. Center East, Med. Center North, Vanderbilt University Hospital, The Vanderbilt Clinic, and Monroe Carell Junior Children’s Hospital)
  3. Follow social distancing guidelines by waiting in the designated areas 





VUMC requires a minimum 5-panel drug screening for: THC/Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, and Opioids. Employers are responsible for drug testing. Drug tests may not be older than the time stamp on the safety test.


The 14-minute safety orientation video covers VUMC’s expectations for jobsite safety and professional standards for working at VUMC


The 14-question test is based on the content in the training video. The test has True/False, multiple choice, and multiple answer questions. You will be required to provide your name, employer, and email address so we can schedule you to get your badge.

A passing score is 12 points out of 17 (71%). After passing the test, workers have 72 hours to pass a drug test and pick up their badges. Test responses expire after 72 hours regardless of holidays or weekends. Plan accordingly.


Onsite Parking for Badge Pick-up

Free parking is located at Lot 127, which is 1.5 miles from campus at the corner of Chestnut Street and Fort Negley Boulevard. Shuttle service runs Monday-Friday every 20 minutes from 5am-9pm. Metered parking is available closer to campus, but workers are responsible for keeping meters active. Unauthorized parking is subject to ticketing and towing. Workers cannot park in the parking garages. 

 Free parking at Lot 127


VUMC Construction Trailer

Badges are printed and issued at the VUMC Planning · Design · Construction trailer, located between Central Garage and Oxford House on Vivien Thomas Way, just off 21st Avenue. There is no parking at the trailer. 



Q:        Is the test hard?

A:         The test requires watching the full 14-minute orientation video. Do not watch the video while distracted and read all the questions thoroughly before answering. You will have difficulty with the test if you do not pay attention to the video or do not read the questions carefully.

Q:        I did not pass my online test, when can I retake it?

A:         You can retake the online test after 72 hours. We only accept one test per person within a 72-hour period. Multiple attempts within the 72-hour window will be purged without review.

Q:        Do I have to take the test even if my co-workers didn’t?

A:         Yes. If your co-workers did not take the test, they will be required to do so when it is time to renew their badges.

Q:        What if my badge is lost or damaged?

A:         Do not go to the jobsite. Go to the trailer where you received your badge and a new one will be issued.

Q:        When does my badge expire?

A:         One year from its issue date.

Q:        Will I get a reminder to renew my badge?

A:         No. You and your employer are required to keep track of renewal dates. You will be removed from the jobsite for working with an expired badge.

Enforcement of Safety Policies

VUMC’s Construction Coordinators monitor day-to-day jobsite activities, including enforcement of safety and behavioral guidelines. Coordinators may request to see your ID badge, stop work, remove you from the jobsite, or revoke your badge if you are in violation of VUMC’s policies. Any VUMC employee can request to see your badge if it is not visible.

If you are dismissed from the jobsite, the Construction Coordinator will determine when you can return to work. In most cases, workers are eligible to work on campus one (1) year from dismissal. In extreme cases, workers will be permanently banned from VUMC. 

VUMC has strict sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and behavioral policies. Any behavior that violates an individual’s civil rights or presents a health or safety risk to our patients, visitors, or staff will result in immediate and permanent dismissal. Safety and professionalism are expected at all times and help us build better healthcare. 

  • VUMC works with our architects and engineers to ensure MEP systems meet our campus-wide standards. Contractors should reference MEP drawings with the provided standards before coordinating, installing, or working on VUMC systems. 

    VUMC 2018 Design and Construction Standards 


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