VUMC works with our architects and engineers to ensure MEP systems meet our campus-wide standards. Contractors should reference MEP drawings with the provided standards before coordinating, installing, or working on VUMC systems. 

VUMC 2018 Design and Construction Standards 

VUMC has 24,000 faculty and staff and receives more than 2-million patient visits per year. Contractors and onsite workers are guests of the Planning · Design · Construction department, and we ask them to keep in mind that health, safety, and professional courtesy are paramount to our patients' visits. Parking, conduct, dress, and environmental health information can be found here.


Parking- Policy & Maps    Off-Site Parking  and Shuttle Schedule 

Infection Control Policy 

Emergency Contact Information 

Dress Code Policy & Smoking Policy 

Public Use Areas Campus Map 

All contractors and onsite workers must complete a safety orientation, drug test, and receive an ID badge prior to working on VUMC campus. ID badges are required onsite as well as for boarding shuttle buses. Free and metered parking are available, along with campus maps for parking and navigation. We ask that registration forms be filled out prior to attending orientation classes.

Contractor's Safety Program 

Planning · Design · Construction hosts a mandatory contractor safety orientation on Mondays and Wednesdays starting at 7:30am. All onsite workers are required to complete orientation and must pass the drug test that follows immediately after. All late arrivals will be instructed to attend the next scheduled orientation. Orientation is presented in English and contractors must provide translators if necessary. Attendance is mandatory for all VUMC workers. 


Registration Form 

Planning · Design · Construction provides a PDF that should be emailed prior to orientation. Workers can fill out a form onsite, but it must be completed before Safety Orientation classes begin. Completing the PDF is strongly encouraged. Workers cannot sit in class or take a drug test without a complete registration form. 


Registration Form  

**Should be filled out prior to attending Safety Orientation 


Drug Testing 

All onsite workers must pass a multi-panel drug test immediately following Safety Orientation. Workers must present a valid form of identification (driver’s license, passport). Positive drug tests prohibit workers from attending orientation and working on campus for at least one (1) year. Suspicious results will be sent to a urinalysis lab for further testing, with results returning within seven (7) days. Positive results from prescription medication will also be sent to the lab and a valid prescription must be presented. 


ID Badge 

Upon passing the mandatory drug test, ID badges are issued to onsite workers. If a lab test is required, ID badges will be made available when the passing results are received. Badges are required to be visible at all times while on campus and for boarding shuttle buses. Workers without badges will be sent home for the day and cannot return without a badge. Replacement badges will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Renewal is one year from the issue date. 

Safety Orientation 


Parking for Safety Training- Policy & Map 

Parking for safety orientation and daily access to jobsites is limited. Free parking is located at Lot 127, which is 1.5 miles from campus at the corner of Chestnut Street and Fort Negley Boulevard. Shuttle service runs every 20 minutes from 5am-9pm. Metered parking is available closer to campus, but workers are responsible for keeping meters active. Unauthorized parking is subject to ticketing and towing. Workers cannot park in the parking garages. 

 Free parking at  Lot 127 


VUMC Construction Trailer

Safety orientation, drug testing, and most project meetings are held in the VUMC construction trailer. There is not a physical address for the trailer, but it is located just off 21st Avenue between Central Garage and Oxford House. There is no parking at the trailer. 



Orientation Policy

Orientation Policy 


Dismissal from VUMC Campus

Violations of safety and behavioral expectations will result in a worker’s removal from campus and revocation of his/her ID badge. In most cases, workers may be eligible to work on campus one (1) year from dismissal. In extreme cases, workers will be permanently banned from VUMC campus. 


VUMC has strict sexual harassment and behavioral policies. Any behavior that violates an individual’s civil rights or presents a health or safety risk to our patients, visitors, or staff will result in immediate and permanent dismissal. Safety and professionalism are expected at all times and help us build better healthcare. 

VUMC Campus Map

Parking for Contractors 

Loading Docks 

The VUMC Construction Trailer is located between Oxford House and Central Garage MAP  


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