PDC Administration and Finance

    1. If you are having building maintenance issues, please go to VUMC Facilities Management

    2. Questions regarding invoices, pay apps, payments, or other accounting related questions, please email  pdcfinance@vumc.org

    3. VUMC pays net 45 days from date of invoice or pay app provided all approvals are obtained.  We make every effort to pay within the 45 day time frame, however if your pay app submission is delayed and not received within 3 weeks of the invoice date, payment may also be delayed based on required internal approvals.

    4. Invoices should be sent to our office to ensure prompt approval and payment.      

                                Planning Design Construction

                                Vanderbilt University Medical Center

                                3319 West End Ave, Suite 200   

                                Nashville, TN 37203-1050

                                Attention PDC Finance

  • If you provide architecture, engineering, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, construction management or furniture services, please email pdcadmin@vumc.org.  Please include the following information on your email:

    Company Name

    Contact Info

    Description of products and services you offer

    Link to your website

    Who referred you to our department?


    We will contact you if we are interested in your services.

    PLEASE NOTE: Our department does not purchase items related to lab equipment, security, medical supplies or IT products.



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