Rooms 407 ABCD, 411 ABCD, 415 ABCD, 419 ABCD



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407 – 411 – 415 – 419

By opening and closing the movable walls, two, three or four sections can be combined to accommodate varying group sizes. Each section - A, B, C and D - holds four tables and twelve chairs for a maximum of 12 people.  Up to 48 persons can be accommodated when all four sections are combined.   

Note:  Wall configurations must be pre-scheduled as the walls can only be moved by authorized staff. Wireless microphone signals and lighting controls are also routed as per configuration. As chair styles vary, as well as needs for writing surfaces, every participant may or may not have a table space.  Please keep this in mind when requesting rooms.

Audio Visual components provided include the following:

•Hi-Definition Data/Video Projector
•Podium (installed equipment) •PC computer with Windows 10 (located behind display panel)
•External HDMI input for laptops/portables
•External VGA input for legacy devices (Standard Definition)
•AirMedia - wireless display device for laptops/portables
•Keypad controls A.V. devices (on podium)

Installed Software

•Adobe Reader
•Browsers - Microsoft IE and Chrome
•Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Audience Response software is installed on the PC
    (“Clicker/Keypads” –AND- Response Receiver (USB device) must be checked-out from Media Center)

MAC "AIrbooks" and other lightweight devices such as "MS-Surface" may require specific adaptors to connect to the external HDMI input. Your device should have included adaptors at time of purchase.  While the Media Center maintains several display adaptors they may not have one for your specific device.  Please check with the Media Center if you have any questions regarding external video connections.

When the power ON command is issued from any control panel within a grouping of rooms, all the projectors in that group will power up and display the output of the computer located in that particular podium.

To get all the projectors to display the same image, decide which computer or laptop you wish to designate as the "master" display device, then, on the closest control panel to that device, press the button with the devices name. All the projectors in that group will switch inputs to display the chosen device. At any time you may change to a different sections computer, or laptop, by choosing the input button on the panel closest to the other device.

A wireless microphone may be checked out from the Media Center for use during normal business hours. Due to equipment restrictions only one microphone is available per group of four single rooms. For example Rooms 407 ABCD have a single wireless microphone. If the sections are combined AB and CD, only the AB or CD side could utilize the microphone.