Media Services Policies & Procedures

Wireless mics are available for checkout in 428 LH for the following rooms:

RLH 202, RLH 208, RLH 214, RLH 407, RLH 411, RLH 415, RLH 419 & RLH 512 - PRB 206 


Video File Retention

In an effort to promote periodic review of video presentations as well as manage costs associated with the delivery, maintenance and storage requirements of operating a “Video On Demand” presentation system -

Video/presentation files produced through the Media Services office or otherwise hosted by the Video On Demand system, currently “Mediasite”, will be retained for a period of no more than one year from the date of publication unless specifically noted.  Expired presentations are deleted automatically and trigged by the expiration date on record and cannot be restored or recovered.

The option of extending the expiration date (in increments of 1 year) is allowable for an additional fee for services.  Payment must be received one week prior to the expiration date.  This to allow for processing of the amended expiration date.  

Optionally, you may request a copy of the files which you can archive through your own means.  As the current VOD uses proprietary technology with regard to multi-window playback, transcoding of the presentation files to anther video format may be necessary.   This may also be necessary if you wish to host the files on your own server or site. Media Services has the capability to transcode to most popular formats with little to no loss in video quality.   Transcoding will also be subject to an additional fee per output file format.  Transcoded files can be provided on portable storage device or through on-line mass storage services such as “BOX”.

To request either an extension to the expiration date or transcoding please contact Media Services directly for details.