2022 Interns and Research Projects




    Project Summary

Dalton Bannister

Name: Dalton Bannister
Home Institution: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Summer Mentor: Dr. Phil Mitchell
Division: Trauma
I’m writing a pathoanatomy paper on anterior column posterior hemitransverse acetabular fractures to better characterize the variability in the fracture pattern and help guide further research and implant development. I’m also working on a review paper on sexual dysfunction after traumatic pelvic injuries that is geared towards what orthopedic surgeons should know about this issue and how they can provide better patient education on screening, diagnosis and treatment options.

Alice Bouchard

Name: Alice Bouchard
Home Institution: Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
Summer Mentor: Drs. Stephanie Moore-Lotridge & Jon Schoenecker
Division: Translational Science
My project is focused on the osteoporosis that arises following a polytrauma. Currently we are examining the role of IL-1β in this process using a mouse-model of polytrauma, longitudinally tracking bone density with serial DXA, and measuring inflammatory markers in blood and muscle at the experiment’s conclusion.

Gabriel Lane

Name: Gabriel Lane
Home Institution: Meharry Medical College
Summer Mentor: Dr. Eric Bowman
Division: Sports
Tommy John surgery is a common procedure performed on athletes, especially baseball players. Our work aims to identify misperceptions within the public on Tommy John surgery and provide education regarding its benefits and risks.

Kartik Reddy

Name: Kartik Reddy
Home Institution: University of Texas Health McGovern Medical School
Summer Mentor: Drs. Craig Louer and Nate Lempert
Division: Peds
I am analyzing data from the country’s largest institutional pediatric fracture database to assess postoperative outcomes of different supracondylar humeral fractures treatments. This study aims to assess the validity of the current dogma surrounding how these fractures are traditionally treated in the OR.
Emil Varas Name: Emil Varas
Home Institution: Ponce Health Sciences University, Puerto Rico
Summer Mentor: Dr. Amir Abtahi
Division: Spine
I am developing a database on anterior lumbar interbody fusions to assess postoperative pelvic alignment and spinal outcomes. I am also working on building a thoracolumbar burst fracture database to assess postoperative outcomes.