Schoenecker Lab

Here within the Schoenecker Laboratory at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, we focus on advancing the field of Orthopaedics through innovative bench science, clinical research, and development of diverse training tools to enhance the education of the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons and research scientists. 

Given these goals, our laboratory is structured to ensure that successes at the research bench flows directly into our development of novel educational tools and clinical translation. Similarly, as important clinical questions are identified, we work to translate these into animal models that can be sensitively examined in the research lab to better understand complex biology. This open flow of information between areas of our laboratory ensure that our focus is on answering the most clinically important questions and that the educational material we produce is up to date and technologically innovative.

Current research is focused on the intersection of:

  1. The bodies Acute Phase Response
  2. Coagulation, and
  3. Bone Biology

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