Annual TN Emerging Infections Program Scientific Presentation Day

the annual Tennessee Emerging Infections Program Scientific Presentation Day will be Oct. 5, 2022


Annual TN Emerging Infections Program Scientific Presentation Day




To receive credit for contact hours you must:

  • For remote attendees, Sign in through Zoom Registration link, or go to for additional options
  • Attend the entire meeting
  • Complete the online evaluation by 11:59pm, Friday, October 28, 2022
  • No fewer than 4.0 contact hours may be earned for lab professionals for meeting.  No fewer than 4.6 contact hours may be earned for nurse professionals for meeting. If you attend fewer than all sessions or do not complete the evaluation, no contact hours will be earned.

COVID Reminder: Davidson county remains at the “medium” level on the U.S. COVID-19 Community Levels Map, though of course many of us are coming from different parts of the state. Indoor masking is recommended for anyone who is at high risk of getting very sick or who has household or social contacts at high risk for getting very sick. CEDEP encourages staff to wear a mask based on personal preference, informed by personal levels of risk at all community levels. If you are experiencing symptoms or have a positive test, please join us virtually rather than in-person.


  • 8:00-9:00am       Registration, Continental Breakfast and Poster Presentations

    9:00-9:10am       Welcome and Opening Remarks

    9:10-10:10am     Candida Auris 

     Christopher Wilson1, MD, MPH; Carolyn Stover1, MPH, CPH;

     Meghan Marie Lyman2, MD

     Tennessee Department of Health1; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention2

    • Discuss Candida auris as a pathogen
    • Discuss the description of Candida auris
    • Describe etiology of Candida auris
    • Discuss timeline of Candida auris in TN


    10:10-10:40am   COVID Update

                             Keipp Talbott, MD, MPH

                             Vanderbilt University Medical Center

    • Discuss the vaccine effectiveness of the different COVID-19 vaccines
    • Discuss the newest COVID-19 vaccine guidelines
    • Discuss the risks/benefits of COVID-19 vaccines


    10:40-11:10am   Break and Poster Presentations

    11:10-11:40am   Hepatitis Outbreak in Kids

     Julia Baker, PhD, MPH

     Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    • Identification of the first cluster of children with hepatitis of unknown etiology and adenovirus viremia in the US and initiation of the nation-wide investigation
    • Assessment of recent trends in pediatric hepatitis and adenovirus detection in the US
    • Description of patients under investigation and future plans


    11:40-12:40pm  Lunch

    12:40-1:40 pm    Reoccurring, Emerging, and Persisting (REP) Strains: A New Opportunity for Enteric Disease Prevention?

     Matthew Wise, PhD, MPH

     Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    • To recognize different REP strain types
    • To understand how REP strains can be identified, tracked, and investigated
    • To consider novel approaches to learning about REP strains and how to prevent them


    1:40-2:10pm       Data Modernization

     Michael Matheny1, MD, MPH, MS; Kate Goodin2, MPH, MS

     Vanderbilt University Medical Center1/Tennessee Department of Health2

    • Discuss Federal Data Modernization Initiative activities
    • Discuss Federal funding initiatives which target infrastructure and informatics improvements
    • Identify how these Federal programs and funding affect their work environment


    2:10-2:40pm       Break and Poster Presentations


    2:40-3:10pm       Impact of COVID on Workforce

     Alex Jahangir, MD, MMHC

     Vanderbilt University Medical Center

    • Background about how I became the chair of the taskforce
    • Reflections on the pandemic response including the lack of civility we all endured in society
    • Major success we had with the regional coordinated transfer center which allowed hospitals in middle TN to take transfers when everywhere was full


    3:10-3:25pm       Closing Remarks