Cost & Funding Opportunities

The Vanderbilt Ph.D. in Health Policy program is committed to offering full financial support to students including tuition, insurance, and fees, in addition to their annual stipend.

Covered by the program:


health insurance

student services


Health Insurance Premiums

Student Services Fees


In addition to covering the costs above, students will also receive an annual stipend of $38,000* for all four years. This stipend should comfortably cover the cost of books, supplies, and cost of living in Nashville.

Nashville Cost of Living:**

average rent in nashville 2023


energy bills in nashville 2023


grocery prices in nashville tn are 2% lower than national average

Rent Utilities Groceries

Median rent is $1,455/month

Utilities are 11% lower than the national average. Groceries are 2% lower than the national average.


Additional Funding Opportunities

Students will also have the opportunity and support to explore federal training programs and research funding opportunities through local partnerships and foundations. To the extent possible, the Program will match students to mentors with relevant R01 and other support, transitioning students from institutional to external funding sources in the dissertation phase.

For more details on tuition and other funding opportunities, please visit the Graduate School Page.

*based on 2024-2025 rates 
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