September 3, 2019

Infographic presenting the general research question explored in a new study.

North Carolina will transition its Medicaid program to five managed care plans in 2019, a model that's been in place for years in innovator states like Tennessee and Ohio.

So as the state manages this change, what can they learn from the states that have been down the path before?

A new analysis published in the North Carolina Medical Journal explores this question. The top-level finding, according to the study, is "although it takes significant stakeholder engagement and technical resources, states can leverage their regulatory authority and purchasing power through Medicaid to implement multipayer payment reforms."

Authored by researchers at Duke University and Melinda Buntin, PhD, Mike Curb professor of health policy and chair of the Department of Health Policy at Vanderbit University Medical Center, the analysis shares the primary lessons that have come from Tennessee's episodes-of-care based payment model, and how to engage key stakeholders in the transition phase.

Read the full analysis online here