Neurotology and Cranial Base Surgery Fellowship

Neurotology and Cranial Base Surgery Fellowship

The Vanderbilt Neurotogy and Cranial Base Surgery Fellowship is a two-year program designed for physicians seeking specialized training in otologic and neurotologic procedures. As one of the top-ranked and longest-running programs in the nation with a high surgical volume, the Vanderbilt Neurotogy and Cranial Base Surgery Fellowship is highly sought after. One position is offered annually through the San Francisco (SF) Match Program and is an ACGME-accredited fellowship training program.

Fellows collaborate closely with Hearing and Speech faculty at the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center, which is ranked #1 by U.S. News and World Report. Our cochlear implant program is #1 in the nation in surgical volume and research. Fellows also work closely with the Department of Neurosurgery, receiving robust surgical and clinical experience in a large variety of Skull Base procedures.

Outstanding Faculty

Program Overview

The Vanderbilt Neurotogy and Cranial Base Surgery Fellowship encompass all aspects of adult and pediatric neurotology and otology, including:

  • Microsurgical procedures for acoustic neuroma
  • Skull base tumors
  • Paragangliomas
  • Cochlear and brainstem implants
  • All other otologic and neurotologic procedures including robotic, endoscopic, and image-guided neurotologic procedures.

A specialized course curriculum emphasizes leadership training in the academic setting. Educational efforts also include quality initiatives, strategy, and operational improvement.

Application Process

Applicants interested in the Vanderbilt Otology and Neurotology Fellowship must meet the following requirements:

  • Clinical education into ACGME-accredited fellowship programs must be completed in an ACGME-accredited residency program.
    • If the applicant is located in Canada, clinical education must be completed in an RCPSC-accredited or CFPC-accredited residency program. [Neurotology Program Requirements, III.A.2]
  • A valid full (not training) Tennessee medical license is required at the start of the fellowship.



Fellowship Director:

David S. Haynes, MD, MMHC, FACS

Fellowship Faculty:

  • David S. Haynes, MD, MMHC, FACS
  • Robert F. Labadie, MD, PhD
  • Marc L. Bennett, MD, MMHC
  • Matthew O'Malley, MD
  • Kareem O. Tawfik, MD

Program Coordinator:

Candace L. Wright

Our Fellows

Vanderbilt Otology and Neurotology fellows become leaders in the field, both in academic and clinical settings. Current and past fellows include:

  • Montra Kanok, MD
  • Fred Drake, MD
  • C. Gary Jackson, MD
  • Ronald Steenerson, MD
  • Richard Wiet, MD
  • John Dickins, MD
  • Aristides Sismanis, MD
  • Gordon Hughes, MD
  • Samuel Whitaker, MD
  • Alan Nissen, MD
  • Sidney Christiansen, MD
  • John Kveton, MD
  • Peter Smith, MD
  • Julianna Gulya, MD
  • Myles Pensak, MD
  • Dennis Bojrab, MD
  • Peter Roland, MD
  • Samuel Levine, MD
  • Michael Fritsch, MD
  • Kevin McKennan, MD
  • Dennis Poe, MD
  • Glenn Johnson, MD
  • D. Bradley Welling, MD
  • Charles Woods, MD
  • Roberto Cueva, MD
  • Britt Thedinger, MD
  • Michael Hart, MD
  • Vincent Carrasco, MD
  • Lloyd Minor, MD
  • Sean McMenomey, MD
  • Barry Stasnick, MD
  • John Macias, MD
  • David Schall, MD
  • Mark Widick, MD
  • Ian Storper, MD
  • Pamela Bohrer, MD
  • David Haynes, MD
  • Peter Von Doersten, MD
  • Spiros Manolidis, MD
  • Dennis Pappas, Jr., MD
  • Akira Ishiyama, MD
  • Sam Marzo, MD
  • Jack Shohet, MD
  • Matthew Hanson, MD
  • Mark Severtson, MD
  • John Forest III, MD
  • Benjamin McGrew, MD
  • Alexander Battaglia, MD
  • Alain Sabri, MD
  • Raquel Redtfeldt, MD
  • Edward Gardner, MD
  • David Kaylie, MD
  • Frank Warren, MD
  • Mac Bennett, MD
  • Matthew O'Malley, MD
  • Justin Wittkopf, MD
  • George Wanna, MD
  • Alejandro Rivas, MD
  • Betty Tsai, MD
  • Stan Pelosi, MD
  • Matthew Carlson, MD
  • Alex Sweeney, MD
  • Jacob Hunter, MD
  • Brendan O'Connell, MD
  • Matthew Dedmon, MD
  • Robert Yawn, MD
  • Nauman Manzoor, MD
  • Elizabeth Perkins, MD
  • Nathan Cass, MD