The etymology of the word "doctor" means both "teacher" and "leader". At Vanderbilt Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, we know exactly what makes our training program one of the best in the country; the people. Our otolaryngology experts are committed to educating, supporting, and encouraging our residents and fellows. Each year, we welcome 25 residents and nine fellows to collaborate with us, helping to create innovative new surgical techniques, cutting-edge research, and the most streamlined, compassionate patient care. We aren't just creating excellent physicians and surgeons in our training program - we're helping to model the future leaders in healthcare and beyond. And we have fun while educating each other!

  • The goal of Vanderbilt's Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery residency training is not simply to produce world class surgeons, outstanding clinicians, and empathetic caretakers, but to strive to give our residents the background and resources to better integrate into the dynamic world of medicine and become leaders beyond the classrooms, clinics, and operating rooms. Residents have a busy operative and clinical schedule during which they train alongside nationally renowned surgeons -- many of whom currently hold or previously held extensive leadership roles in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. A dedicated leadership curriculum also gives Vanderbilt Otolaryngology residents unique experiences in organization leadership, operations management, finance, conflict resolution, and public speaking. Ultimately, we want to ensure that our residents will excel in every aspect of their professional careers upon graduating from Vanderbilt. 

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  • Medical students at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine spend time learning about the otolaryngology field from nationally and internationally recognized medical leaders. Medical students have the opportunity to rotate through the Otolaryngology service during their second year, and to apply for the Advanced Clinical Experience (ACE) elective during their third year, giving them a more in-depth look at the field of otolaryngology.

    Vanderbilt Otolaryngology Online Medical Student Experience (VOOMSE)

    As COVID-19 is limiting in-person rotations, we will again host our virtual-4 week supplemental experience for "visiting" senior medical students. Details regarding dates and application requirements are forthcoming. Through this program, we hope to highlight our program and culture, and learn about you! Participation is voluntary and does not confer course credit; it is not required for and does not guarantee an interview. If accepted we hope you are engaged, but we understand you may not be able to  make it to all sessions. Sessions include: Intro to VandyOto with Program Coordinator; Oto Grand Rounds (Fri ams); Resident Didactic Conferences (Wed/Fri ams); Post-Conference Huddles with Residents; Resident Social Hour; Take '"call" with Resident and review interesting cases; Faculty Meet and Greet Small Group.

  • Vanderbilt Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery is a proud leader in outreach and global health. Our Otolaryngology residents have the opportunity to make significant global impact with outreach trips to Africa, Central America, Asia, the Caribbean, and more. On a local level, Vanderbilt Otolaryngology is also committed to the Nashville community, providing outreach and support for community events and educational classes.